• My church is setting up a "test" main faithlife group. I have a live faithlife group that has been going for approx 2 yrs. If I join them as part of the test (Ie become part of their pilot testsite) as a subgroup, when they delete their main group would my subgroup cease to exist? Or would the relational link just be severed and my group continue in a solo basis?
    1. It should just sever the ties as a sub group and make it a stand a lone group. Although, if they delete the main church group that you've had for 2 years. You'll lose all previous data within the group. ( I don't recommend deleting the main group)
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    1. Is there a way to publish a bulletin without creating a post?
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        Hi , unfortunately you can't automatically turn off this feature. But thank you for the feedback!
      2. I agree! It would be nice to be able to go and record your service without posting the bulletin ahead of time. :-)
      3. We are working on keeping our Faithlife Groups pages as more content than a long string of announcements.
    2. Is there a reason I can't leave one of my groups? It always says I "failed to leave the group".
      1. I don't see Directory. I am the admin of another group and I have an admin section. But I just followed this other group at one time. Now I can't leave it.
      2. Oh. For that I think you may need help from tech support. Hello , can you provide further help?
      3. can you send me a 1-1 message with the URL of the group.
    3. Where do I find the sidebar on the faithlife app? I can get to it in settings, but where would a member go to see the prayer request & Bible readings?
      1. You can get to those things on the app, but not nearly as easy or intuitive as with the sidebar in a browser. For prayers, go to your church group, click the "hamburger" menu on the upper left and you will see "Prayers" under "Activity". For reading plans, go to that same "hamburger" menu, and go to "Logos Documents" under Bible Study (don't try the Reading Plans tab as that is not functional yet). Your Prayer list should also show up there.
      2. I agree that it is not easy! One thing I don't like about Faithlife Groups is everything gets "posted" from calendar activity to prayer requests. In my opinion this dilutes content posted. We are developing practices to make our groups more content orientated. I would like to see an update for the sidebar in the app.
    4. Greetings! We have a new FL group for our church and I'm preparing to invite our people. How do I make a good case to encourage people to become members of the group? I looked for ready promotional materials to roll out to the congregation, but didn't find any. TIA.
      1. It's good info (but most of which I already knew :) ), but it's not exactly what I'm looking for. I've got stuff set up, but now that I've invited people in our church, I'm struggling with a strategy for getting big buy-in from our invitees. I mean, if I would get an invitation, I'd probably delete it because I don't need to keep track of another password, etc.
    5. Good day everyone. I want to add a few RSS Feeds to my Faithlife group. I see RSS Feeds in the Activity Feed Sidebar and where to click and drag it over. Once dragged over, how do I figure out the URL for the RSS Feed I want to put in? I tried what I thought was the URL with no success. Does it need to route through a RSS Feed program?
      1. what do you see to say it is not working? I was able to put that link in and it worked fine.
      2. Hi David. I can not figure out why it will not work on the page. It works elsewhere though. Mind boggling. I was able to get a different RSS feed added that is working fine from what I can see.
      3. I was able to determine the problem was with the RSS feed itself and not with Faithlife.
    6. Good day everyone. I have my Faithlife Group, Strait Ministries, set for Private - Anyone can find the group. Member Only, no followers. Despite that setting folks are still "Following" the group. Any thoughts on why the setting is not working?
      1. Good morning Richard, it is possible for that to happen if you have extended any permissions to Followers or to Public on your Features and Permissions page: https://faithlife.com/straitministries/features-and-permissions If you want your group to remain Private without Followers, then I recommend making sure those permission sliders are set to Members or further to the left.
      2. Good day Robert! I pray all is going well for you. I went back and doubled checked the Features and Permissions. Everything is set to Members or further to the left with the exception of the calendar which is set for public. Those settings have not changed.
    7. I just created a group for our youth group to be same to connect during this pandemic, but they are having difficulty with posting contents to the group. They are hoping to be able to have fun little challenges which requires the kids to post short videos to a challenge, but they can’t seem to get video to upload at all, it seems to soon for a while and then fails. Any ideas? I’ve tried to perform the same action as a group admin, and any size/lengthy video fails to be posted.
      1. the best way is to go to content —> files and then upload your video. From there, share them url of the video and make a post. I believe they are choosing +add media and our video upload might not be ready for mp4 files.
      2. Ah... that’s unfortunate. They were hoping for a quick platform that was secure and within our church already with which kids could interact. I assume that would be the same for people responding to posts with content, correct?
    8. I am thinking about setting up a Faithlife Group for some people in my church. We already have a Church Group - by virtue of using Proclaim. Should I use that group for this new purpose - providing a collaboration area for people - or should I create a new one? What are the pros / cons of either approach? Thanks, Graham
      1. Hi the church group for Proclaim is typically the general group for the church. If you are wanting to make a group that has a specific purpose, which I am inferring from 'some people' you can create a subgroup of the main church group. To do this you can navigate to your church group, scroll down to 'Groups' then select the "+" to make the new group.