• Is there a way to have the reftagger use a different translation for our group? Where is that setting?
    1. Is there a way to bulk import, or bulk invite our members into our Faithlife group?
      1. Hi , yes there is a way! Just make sure you have everyone's emails in a .csv file. Then go to your group > hit 'Invite' > click on 'Add Contacts' and select the .csv file from your local files
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      Hi, I am an admin of my church's Faithlife group, and there have been 2 for sale posts that have been flagged. Is there a way to see who flagged it, or why they were flagged?
      1. Currently, the system sends the poster a notification that someone flagged the post. The notification is anonymous, so all the poster knows is that someone (or several people) found the post inappropriate. The group admin can see flag counts on the post, not who did the flagging. This is a relatively simple moderation function, and there is internal discussion on how we can improve the moderation functionality. Thank you for your feedback on flagging!
      2. Thanks, !
      3. Thanks for your response! look forward to seeing or hearing of improvements to come! Blessings!
    3. Hello Faithlife folks, I had trouble tonight trying to edit a post in a discussion thread in a FL group. Does the editor work OK or is it just me?
      1. Hello , Sorry for the trouble, this is a known issue at the moment. We have a case open to get this addressed.
    4. My question isn't meant to be snarky, but is there consistent activity in all of the Faithlife groups that are available? Take this one for example, the last post appears to have been two months ago. The more I look around the im inclined to think that putting any effert here is not worth it.
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        Your question is totally acceptable We monitor this group based on activity/amount of post. Majority of the times input is brought into these groups: Proclaim: https://faithlife.com/proclaim/activity Faithlife Sites: https://faithlife.com/faithlife-sites/activity Faithlife Equip Early Access: https://faithlife.com/faithlife-equip-faithlife-equip-early-access/activity Majority of the questions you'll see in those groups can reflect your group etc, but feel free to ask questions here if it's related to Faithlife groups.
      2. Every group has a different level of activity. I’m in 300 groups, and some are basically silent while others have many posts each day. By using “Faithlife.com” (My Faithlife) I see them all integrated into one feed, so I don’t have to ‘go and check’ in various groups.
      3. In addition to using the My Faithlife feed so I can stay up to date on all posts on the groups I'm in, I also use the Faithlife app for my phone. That way I can receive notifications whenever anyone posts to any of the groups I'm a part of. That app also has a lot of other great features too. Once in a while I'm not sure which group to post my question to, but I find that the Faithlife team will still respond anyway or else get me to the right place.
    5. A few days ago, I saw all the groups that I was a member of on the left side panel, listed under "Groups." Now I don't see them. Manage groups gives no options. How can I see what Groups I follow or am a member of?
    6. When I enter our church website from the Faithlife Groups app (by hitting the church icon), our church calendar does not show up. If I go to our website directly from a URL, it is there.
      1. Hello , Can you link me to the page on your website where your calendar is? Is it possible it was added but never published so it's public?
    7. I know this is a premature question, but any idea how long before Proclaim will be updated to work on the new Mac OS?
      1. Matt, Thanks for the response however I was inquiring about the newest beta release of Mac OS 10.15. I’m one of those idiots who can’t wait to update and have a developers license. I did so without thinking about Proclaim and it does not work on this Mac OS. I am having to utilize another presenter since all others do work (i.e. Pro presenter, Media Shout), although I hope to not have to use them for very long.
      2. Ah I see where you are going :) I can check with our developers, but since the OS is still in beta. I'm not sure how the process or duration may take. I'll keep you posted with any information that comes up. Just a thought, perhaps you already thought of this. Have you tried installing a VM of the current OS version?
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        Hey Did a little more digging. Since it is still on beta, we typically don't support OS until they are fully and publicly release. I believe this beta is out to the public in July. Even then we most likely won't support it until it is fully released. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    8. Hello, or , I am going to be talking to my pastor about Faithlife groups and I want to be able to tell him what Bibles are included with a new account. Can one of you please advise? I know the LEB is one of them, but don't know about the others. Also, is there a place where I could see a list of all the free resources a new user will receive? Thanks!
      1. Hi , I checked and either the sermon editor or the notes tool can be used to copy and paste text with scripture into the "article editor" and the scripture will become links, as you said. I have to thank you for pointing me to the "article" type of post, since I hadn't noticed it before, but it will come in handy for the summer church bible reading project I'm going to be helping with. There is lots of flexibility regarding the types of editing features available.
      2. Hello and , just jumping in here, you are right that the behavior of Faithlife.com capturing Bible references, and rendering them so it's hoverable does not work in the mobile app. There currently aren't any plans to integrate this, but I'll pass it forward as a recommendation to the development team. At the moment, using ref.ly or Mike's solution is probably the best route.
      3. Hi , thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. I understand that the functionality of Reftagger in mobile likely would have to be different, but if there was a way for scripture references to be automatically detected and made easily accessible it sure would be great.
    9. Faithlife Workflows. - Love the tool. Just created my first workflow in Logos Bible Software. This will be a great way to share the daily devotions based upon the sermon each week. Question: How can I upload this Workflow to the Faithlife Church group Logos Documents?
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        . Sorry to pester. Will the work flows be coming to mobile apps anytime soon?
      2. No, but the web app works on mobile in a pinch.
      3. Thank you for your help,