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    1. I see some of my fellow Logos users complaining in this thread, and in part, I understand them as I too have spent a relatively good amount of money in upgrades and resources. However, I also see the Logos team's effort in developing this unparalleled Bible study software. It takes countless hours of developing a software this sophisticated; permissions, hiring real life scholars to make it work the way it does and a thousand other very inconvenient things that they have to go through, And that doesn't come at a cheap price. What we get on the other end, is the result, a valuable and, dare I say, indispensable tool that allows us study a lot more efficient than we were able to just a few years ago. I think it's a lot easier to criticize when all we see is the final product and they're are just asking us to cooperate with only 9 more bucks a month to keep taking this amazing project even further. I ask the critics to reconsider. It's not the end of the world, It's only $9. I have spent that in a single day eating junk food for only one meal. Blessings.
      1. Since I only eat 1 meal a day on average, I guess its not much if you go without food in order to have a fully functional Logos. LOL. My software experience has been this; if you are on the CURRENT software release level, enhancements come to those users in a BETA testing environment for FREE until the date of the release that contains the new tools is available for SALE. Logos is an amazing software to be sure! Remember this though, they did not gift the users this software, we PURCHASED it! In my personal estimation, a tool as simple as a concordance in a data base driven system should be a standard tool which was available in Logos 4. When you think about the powerful search capability Logos offers, this is a very "basic" concept to have to spend additional money on.
    2. Be cautious with this resource. These notes were added exclusively by Oneness Pentecostal (Jesus Only) scholars.
      1. Felix Lee : You should spend time researching how the Trinity Doctrine got started. It was by force of the political authorities in charge at the time. It came from Tertullian an apostate priest in 220 a. d. Your trinity came from pagan brief.
      2. The oneness Doctrine was the original doctrine of the Apostles. The trinity teaching came later from a Roman that wasn't satisfied with one God.
      3. Here is a good link. Unitarian teaching thoroughly refuted. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvxF7Js9mw8
    3. Excellent treatment of the tower of Babel. Highly recommended!
      1. Los colaboradores de este diccionario son eruditos expertos y muy respetados. le ayudara mucho en su estudio, vale lo que cuesta.
        1. Que bueno! esta versión contiene lecturas de los escritos de la LXX!
          1. Excelente recurso. Mirese el diccionario griego por el mismo autor. Sería genial sí hicieran lo mismo con el BDAG/HALOT en español. Los tengo en ingles y son simplemente una maravilla, el mundo hispano necesita tales recursos. Gracias Logos por ser los pioneros en hacer lo que están haciendo con mucha calidad y espíritu de excelencia. Bendiciones.
            1. This is so far the best move I've made! Thank you Logos for bringing to the market such an outstanding product!