• This course of study seems jam-packed with valuable and useful information!!! Unfortunately, I am a reader that more effectively and efficiently takes in information through reading than through listening. I do not currently have the time to listen through the seven courses. Also with reading, I can skim over any parts I am already familiar with. Do these courses include written transcripts of the lectures? Thank you!!! I appreciate all the hard work these men went to in order to edify us the church!!!
    1. Gail all Mobile Ed courses include written transcripts as well as links to readings in other resources you may have in your library.
  • I've just started it, but my previous experience with Dr. Moo's teaching and writing is excellent!!! My current frustration is with the Syllabus. I do not remember ever taking a class where the required books for the class were not listed. I could not even find the list without much searching and finally joining the Faithlife class group. Even finding the list only seems to list the books I already have in logos and not the ones I do not have (not without a lot of extra clicking). I see this as a huge oversight in the course ware designers. I'm sure that Dr. Moo is used to listing the books required for his classes. Not having a required reading list is not only majorly frustrating and inconvenient, it also violates a Biblical principle to count the cost before you choose a course of action. I was not able to even know what books I needed before I purchased the class.Foolish me of course, but I did not even realize that there would be required supplemental reading. It is a good and helpful thing to have it, but I would like to have the reading list accessible up front!!! Furthermore, it seems that Logos seems to assume, without evidence, that I do not have access to any required reading materials if they have not been purchased through Logos. If they at least listed the titles instead of just telling me that I do not have that resource, I could check to see if I have a printed copy of the required resource or could borrow it from a friend. Also, even though I have read a lot about this mobile ed format, I do not see anywhere, that credits or exam grades will be given. It is fine with me if they are not, since I may want to take a particular class only to meet certain goals of my own and not to meet the full class requirements. However, it would be good to know these things before the class is purchased. Intense study of God's word should not have this much frustration before I even get started. It is a blessing from God that I have been able to take other classes from seminaries and study the Word intensely before to realize its very great rewards, otherwise I might have given up!!! I really value the opportunity to learn more from Dr. Moo. Thank-you Logos for that!!!