• Having been blessed by an opportunity to travel to the lands of the Bible and see some of these locations firsthand, I immediately snapped up this set as soon as Logos began advertising it. Most of the articles I have read have been very helpful and informative; they did not disappoint. There has been the occasional one that puts forth a unique perspective I'm not altogether sure I agree with. I am really looking forward to the rest of the volumes being released. However, the main reason I give it 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is the delays in production of the remaining 3 volumes. I understand a worldwide pandemic has put many people's plans on hold, and I do not hold this against Faithlife. At the same time, having already put the money out, my (I don't think unreasonable) expectation would be that Faithlife honor their published release dates and be up-front about it. If there are delays in production, then let us know why and when we can expect them to be released. Be realistic in your release date and stick to it. I must say: I feel swindled because I bought something that doesn't exist under the impression that it did.
    1. We're still hoping to get Pentateuch out in Logos this year. That volume and the Historical Books ones ended up being much longer than planned and have taken more editorial than expected. Editorial has started on Historical Books. The delays are in part due to the pandemic throwing off our stride, but the length and complexity of putting these resources together has contributed. The original publishing schedule for these was a bit optimistic and a surprise to me. We're currently evaluating what a realistic timeline is for Historical vol 2 and Poetry and Prophecy.
    2. Hi Doug, Thanks for the response. I didn't realize someone from FL had written back since I don't regularly check in on my Faithlife Profile page. As I said in the post, I understand there are extenuating circumstances, I just wish there had been more upfront communication. When release dates change, notify those who have purchased the set especially, since we are waiting eagerly for these to be released :0). Thanks for all you guys do. I love Logos and I would never consider anything else for my Bible study and sermon prep.