• I found this commentary set very conservative in its values and most helpful in my dissertation work.
    1. I took New Testament Greek during my seminary years forty years ago using the 3rd edition UBS. These classes were the most exciting part of my seminary training, although the most difficult. I still use this same Greek Bible for my devotions and study forty years later. It has flown with me around the world. I am able to read the Greek New Testament almost as fluently as English, having read entirely through it, and I deeply value every word of its text. On the back page of my Greek Bible, I list five typographical errors I found through the years in the 3rd edition UBS, all of which have now been corrected in the newer editions. This reflects my views of its important as a student of God's Word. I have recently purchased the UBS 5th edition and NA28th edition from Logos because of the need to develop my own English translation for developing Bible Commentaries. I purchased them both so that I could use a monthly payment plan. This way, the price was not such an issue. The Logos 5th edition of the UBS is priceless for any student of the Bible. Its links to data bases provide information that everyone can use to enjoy the Greek text, even those not so fluent in the Greek language. Please consider making the Logos 5th edition of the UBS your dear friend. Both Greek Bibles come with their critical apparatus. This text will reward you for life, as it has done for me.
      1. The write-up above for these books tell us that these are not "facsimile editions of page-scans; they are full-blown, full text Logos resources." However, the sample pages are facsimile pages. It would be nice to see the sample pages of the text editions. This is a fantastic edition to have linked to other resources. It would help the average Bible scholar to navigate through these works. I have spent several years struggling through the facsimile pdf editions downloaded from the internet as public domain, sometimes with difficult text to read.