• Of the volumes written, I have loved using them in my seminary studies. When I bought this, I figured the majority of it would be completed as I was completing my M.Div. That was fine, as I would then have this lovely series for my work in ministry. Alas, I have come to an understanding that not only has little progress been made, but who knows if it will even be completed before I retire from ministry. By the time it is completed, the current releases will be older, and less useful in modern scholarship. If I decide to pursue my Ph.D., will it even be halfway complete prior to receiving that degree? So much potential is contained in this endeavor, but the current execution has destroyed my hopes. Perhaps one day, after completion, and updates (that will be necessary by then), my children will have the privilege to fully utilize this work.
    1. A work of out of the NAR theological view that rewrites the Bible to fit their views.
      1. By the time the whole series is completed, the initial volumes will need to have second editions released to stay current with Biblical scholarship. While these are very good, it's a shame they are being released so slowly. If they'd put more effort into getting these released in a timely manner, they could be a top commentary series that everybody would need.