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    Is it possible for us to be, as the Apostle Paul states, "Transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2) if we are constantly looking at (i.e., overusing) our phones? It is something for each person to evaluate individually. What happens to our brain when we are obsessed with social media? https://rumble.com/v1fd4yq-neuroscientist-what-overusing-social-media-does-to-your-brain.html
    1.  — Edited

      The Continual Attempt to Takedown Donald Trump

      What is Causing it?

      In November 2020, the Trump haters accomplished a coup to get the most powerful man in the world out of political office. They succeeded in stealing the election. To their surprise, the takedown did not stop him as they thought it would. While knocked down, he came up swinging. It is puzzling that one man is attacked as often and frequently as Mr. Trump.

      The answer to this puzzle is found in studying the Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of Revelation. In them, we see a future worldwide push toward a one-world government and new world order. There is no doubt there is a global wave headed in our direction.

      Early in the world's history, God had told Man to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, but a powerful man named Nimrod thought it best to set up a one-world government and founded the city of Babylon instead. We might say that the push for a global government began as early as Genesis 11 with Nimrod, instead of filling the earth, he stopped on the plains of Shinar to build a giant tower as a symbol of the accomplishments of Man to govern himself.

      Later, King Nebuchadnezzar would take world governance to another level, leading the Babylonian empire for 43 years and rebuilding it into a force to be reckoned with. God told Nebuchadnezzar in a dream that he would be the head of all the Gentile nations who would rule the world and trample down the Holy People, Israel. Nebuchadnezzar became a type of Antichrist, and that spirit of Antichrist would rule over the nations for thousands of years until today. The apostle John wrote, late in the first century, that the spirit of the Antichrist was already in the world (1 John 4:3).

      There is no question this scenario will one day be entirely played out. There will be no stopping it since the prophetic Word of God decrees it. The question is, when? In 2016, with the election of Donald Trump, the world had a slight reprieve. He spoiled Satan's plan, the one-world government had to be slowed down, and the globalists had to find a way to get this America loving thorn in their side out of the way. It took them four years, but they accomplished their task by rigging the U.S. election via Dominion voting software (appropriately named) and sending a patsy to the White House, one who would go along with the plan instead of thwarting it.

      One day, the actual city of Babylon, where it all began, will be rebuilt. A man will come on the scene who will be the physical manifestation of that spirit of the Antichrist; the spirit will take form. He will earnestly head the final one-world government of Man on earth.

      Can the prophetic plan be slowed once again? The only valid reason for delaying it is so the gospel message can reach more people and we can win more for Christ. Any other reason is a selfish one. We can pray for God's mercy on our nation and His grace to give us time. Since we cannot change the course of world events on our own, we will have to watch and pray.

      1. Amen. At times I think of George Peek saying “we are living In the end times” so much more has been revealed since those days. I pray...Have mercy on us Father and May more come to you.
      2. I enjoy how you write your article with fact check from God word "The Holy Bible". Reading and learning from you as a biblicist has always drives me to be a better student of God words. Thank you
    2.  — Edited

      I talked about Tyranny in my Sunday morning sermon. It has arrived in America. "FBI Raids President Trump's Home." Pray for our nation.
      1. Since we live in Satan's domain, we can use a Sunday morning re-centering!
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          July 31-August 6

          Recap and News

          Last Sunday Sermon Review

          The dream of Nebuchadnezzar has been revealed and interpreted by Daniel and his three friends. The interpretation told of the future history of the world and the domination of the Gentiles over the Jewish people, what Jesus called, The Times of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24).

          The dream was of a statue of various metals, each part prophetically representative of a world empire, 1) King Nebuchadnezzar: the head of gold. 2) Median/Persian empire: the arms and chest of silver. 3) Greek/Macedon empire: the belly and thighs of brass. 4) Roman empire (speculation): The legs of iron. 5) Unknown: the feet and toes, a mixture of iron and miry clay.

          Finally, the dream interpreted by Daniel foretold of a future kingdom, A stone (which is the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ) that smote the image and became a great mountain that filled the earth. This Stone will crush all the others; It will be a Kingdom that will never be destroyed and one that will stand forever, i.e., The Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. This image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream summarizes future prophecies regarding the Times of the Gentiles that we will see later in Daniel (chapter 7) and the book of Revelation (chapters 13 and 17).

          Sunday Night Dinner and Bible Study

          We studied five of the seven assemblies. Next Sunday we will look at the final two, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. In two weeks we get into the Tribulation itself. You won't want to miss upcoming studies!

          Back by popular demand, our Sunday meal will be Sub Sandwiches. They were a hit last time (except for those of us watching our carbs intake - haha). If you want to bring something you are welcome to do so!

          Bibles Are Still Available at our Welcome Counter.

          Only $15.00 | Large Print

          How about some news?

          Opinions are my own, take 'em or leave 'em.

          Let's begin with...

          MonkeyPox Hysteria

          Here we go again. Our radical government and liberal media are trying to put fear into us. This time it is Monkeypox. Contrary to what the media and government are telling us, Monkeypox is spread primarily through homosexual contact. Children who have contracted it (only 2) reportedly live with someone who is practicing a homosexual lifestyle.

          What is interesting is that our government has declared Monkeypox a national emergency. But notice they are not telling people to social distance, lockdown at home, don't attend church, no hugging, no attendance at a funeral, don't visit nursing homes, and by all means, don't let your mask slip down below your nose...like we heard ad nauseam during Covid. That's because they are pandering to the homosexual crowd which drives 96.6% of the Monkeypox cases. To institute all the draconian measures they put on all of us during the covid, would be too offensive to the homosexual crowd.

          The mayor of San Francisco declared a state of emergency after the city reported 261 cases of monkeypox. It's all for show, however, since, the "kink and fetish festival" for gay men dubbed “Up Your Alley” still pressed on last weekend despite monkeypox spreading like wildfire in the gay community in San Francisco. What a joke.

          Why haven't the governors of the liberal states, and the President called for a national emergency due to the scourge of Fentanyl is that is plaguing our country? Opioids, led the way by Fentanyl, are responsible for over 100,000 deaths per year. Monkeypox, only 6,600 thus far, and again, overwhelmingly among homosexuals.

          We shouldn't be alarmed by the liberal press and its "fear porn", or by government propaganda. If a person keeps any sexual activity within the confines of marriage, or if not married doesn't engage in sex at all the chances of getting Monkeypox is nearly zero. Yes, it sounds so old-fashioned but the solution to stopping the spread of Monkeypox is to stop practicing illicit sex.

          Should We Keep Our Health Problems To Ourselves?

          With the advent of Covid it seems that everyone shares the details of every sniffle they have. In days gone by we kept our health issues to ourselves or maybe only shared it with those closest to us, or the pastor.

          Likewise, what is up with this affinity to test for Covid every-time we sneeze? If you're sick, stay home, wash your hands, eat chicken soup like humans have done for thousands of years. The chances are you'll get well in three days.

          Here's an amazing thing about Covid. If we stopped testing, Covid cases would drop immediately and the government would not be able to weaponize it against us. Testing is of zero value unless you happen to get admitted to the hospital, which is rare in 2022.

          Keep your immune system working at optimum levels by eating properly (cut out all sugar!), I have been cautioning people all along about getting vaccinated. Studies are become more and more clear that you have a greater chance of dying from the vaccine that the virus. Take care of yourself naturally and you likely won't die from Covid.

          People get sick, they have always gotten sick, and they will continue to get sick. Don't let hysterical fear fueled by the media control you. I don't see a problem with telling someone when you are sick, but spare them the details.

          This Might Interest Giants Fans!

          The San Francisco Giants All-Star outfielder Joc Pederson will officially rejoin Team Israel for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. Read more HERE.

          Things Are Heating Up Again in Israel

          For thousands of years Israel has been constantly threatened by enemies. Today is no different. They are surrounded on all sides by forces that would like nothing more than to wipe them off the face of the earth. But Israel is strong and fights back. Just this week Israel launched a successful attack against the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization on the Gaza strip. Here is the article. And Here.

          We Live in the Times of the Gentiles

          Turkey Has Major Inflation

          Since we are studying the seven churches in Revelation and they are all located in modern Turkey, this might be of interest to you.

          Headline: Turkish inflation stabilizes at under 80% in boost to Erdogan

          Wow! Our inflation is out of control and it is only at 9.1%.

          Here is the article.


          See you Sunday | 11:00 AM

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            It is pretty clear what disgusts the LORD: “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God." Deuteronomy 22:5 What was an abomination to the Lord under the Law of Moses is still an abomination to the Lord in the dispensation of Grace.
            1. What does this mean 😳 🤔 😕 😭 👀 😫 😳 I don't understand this I'm sorry need more explanation 😅 thanks
            2. I take it literally to mean exactly what it says.
            3.  — Edited

              The idea of distinguishing between the sexes is obviously the idea. God made them male and female (Genesis 1:23). Anything that obscures that distinction is an admonition (disgusts) to the Lord. This is about God's divine order of Creation. Transvestism and homosexuality are not new in 2022. The admonishment then, and I would say now, is to stay away from it.
          2.  — Edited

            Parents need to take bold steps to protect their kids these days. There is a full frontal godless attack in progress against the family and Christian values; the kids are in middle of it. The article below, while disturbing needs to be read and heeded. Along with pointing out the problems, the author presents solutions. I listed them below in case you can't read the article in its entirety. Pass this info on to others. _____________________________ 1. Consider completely keeping your children off of all social media until they are in their late teens. Delay social media use as long as possible. There certainly may be practical challenges to not allowing your children to have such accounts, but they should be balanced by a recognition of the enormous dangers and social pressures that are introduced by having them. At best, it is far easier to delay their introduction than it is to cancel them once introduced. In particular, TikTok has been shown to be the worst app for serving up explicit content to children unbidden.   2. Don’t let your children have a smartphone. The near-constant access smartphones provide to the internet is a temptation too powerful for children to have in their pockets. The good news is that there are now plenty of smartphone alternatives that still allow parents to communicate with their kids but without the unbridled internet access and social media apps that prove to be damaging to the mental health and development of children. Swapping out smartphones for a safer, alternative phone for your child is one important and effective step you can take today.  3. Allow only public use of the internet. Parents should only allow their children to use the internet in a common, public space in the house. Don’t let children use any devices connected to the internet in bedrooms or other private places, especially not at night. Consider having just one family computer, or tablet device, kept in the living room where you can always monitor what your children are seeing and doing. And keep all devices password-protected so that parents have to unlock them for children to use. The organization Protect Young Eyes, warns parents to protect their kids from the “toxic trio” – bedrooms, boredom, and darkness – that increases the chances for digital temptations and harm.     4. Lastly, consider purchasing a filter or parental control software for all family internet devices. There are several good parental control and filter software options available today that block explicit videos and images, allow parents to block certain websites and apps, manage screen time, and monitor websites, texts, and more. Given how prevalent pornography and other illicit material is online, these tools can be effective in blocking sexual and violent content from children’s view. However, be aware that filters will not catch all inappropriate material, particularly, they won’t block out LGBT content unless it is sexual or pornographic in nature.
            1. We will miss Rainen as he travels home to Florida and then off to Bible college. He has been a blessing to our church. But Lord willing he will be back next summer.
              1. Blessings Brother nice to have meet you you were a blessing to Our Church and Our Pastor Roger and Carol Will truly be missed May Our Lord Jesus Christ Bless you threw Bible College and Blessings to your Family in Florida also🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
              2. Blessing Brother sorry that I missed you was also nice to have met you hope you send your number so we can write you hope you never forget us it was nice and fun with you enjoyed worshipping you💪 👷‍♂️ 😊 😀 ☺️ 😄 also hope you have a safe trip with school and your beautiful family hope you come back soon you will be missed My number is (559) 477-6221 don't forget to FaceTime us and write to God bless you and your family have a safe trip come back soon again God bless you brother see you when ever you come back your sister dianne from hope now bible church
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              A Literal Interpretation of the Book of Revelation | Pastor Roger Feenstra

              Revelation 1:1-6


              Revelation: 1:1-6| Session 2 |Notes


              The Revelation of Jesus Christ (or, the unveiling of Jesus Christ) was given by God, via Jesus > Angel > John to show his servants (See notes from session 1 for a discussion on servants) the things which will transpire rapidly once they begin.

              The author is: John. We assume it was the apostle John, but the text does not state which John, maybe it is best to just say it was John on Patmos.

              Verse 2—

              John bare record (Greek verb: martureo) or, gave a witness or testimony (Greek noun: marturia) of Jesus Christ. It is unclear, but perhaps by testimony he means Jesus’s own prophetic teaching while on earth.

              All the things that he (John) saw This too is ambiguous, but probably the things he saw are those things represented in the vision (Later we will see it is a vision of The Lord’s Day) which came, as noted above, from God, to Jesus, to the Angel, to John.

              Verse 3—

              Blessed is he that readeth (The Greek word anaginosko) normally means to read out loud. The one who reads it out loud is blessed, a word which comes from a Greek word that means happy and happier. This word blessed is used seven times in The Revelation. Some might think it odd that a book about judgment would use the word happy but each time it refers to those who will not face the wrath of judgment of the Tribulation. And, since the dispensation of the Tribulation will be based on the Law, notice how many of the blessed passages are connected with works (not grace).

              Blessed his he that readeth 1:3

              Blessed those which die in the Lord… 14:13

              Blessed is he that watcheth16:15

              Blessed are they which are called… 19:9

              Blessed…is he that hath part in the first resurrection… 20:6

              Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy…22:7

              Blessed are they that do his commandments… 22:14

              Not only is the reader blessed for reading, but also, they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things…written. The Greek word keep is tereo which is also translated “hold fast” “observe” “take care of.” It doesn’t mean keep (or ponder) those things in your heart, that is a different word, suntero (as in Luke 2.19, But Mary kept all these things…). We have to conclude this is not a promise given to us directly, since we cannot keep this prophecy and as we will see (and have already noted above) it is works based and contrary to grace.

              It is possible that the blessing or happiness for the reader applies to all in every dispensation who read this prophecy of future events regarding the revelation of Jesus Christ, but not necessarily.

              The word prophecy is used seven times in The Revelation. The number seven always denotes spiritual perfection (as noted, blessed is also found seven times). Since every word of Scripture is inspired, there is undoubtedly a reason for the sevens; perhaps it is to point us to the Holy Spirit who inspires His complete Word as the one who will bring these prophecies completely to life?

              For the time is at hand. The word time is more clearly translated as season. Time here is the Greek word Kairos which is often translated season. It is more of a broad word, whereas John could have used the Greek word chronos from which we get our word, Chronometer (or, a watch/timepiece). In Acts 1:7 we see both words used in the same verse, chronos and Kairos.

              What a blessing it would be to always be in a state of mind that the season of the Lord’s return is near! Walking in the expectation of Him returning as King of kings and Lord of lords should be something that influences our daily living. The apostle Paul instructs how we should live as believers in a season of expectation (Titus 2:12,13).

              Verses 4,5—

              Who is John testifying to: the seven churches which are in Asia. Last week we proposed that whenever the word church(es) (Greek: ekklesia) is used we have to make an interpretation. The word means assembly. What kind of an assembly? Since the body of Christ is not in the book of Revelation (my assumption), the seven assemblies (Again, seven being the number of perfection in Scripture) likely represent all of Israel. We don’t know what kind of assemblies since at this point in the book, we have no other information about them. [Spoiler alert: I will give you a heads up since I've read the rest of the book. I am assuming these churches are Jewish assemblies.]

              Let’s not jump the gun and read into (eisegesis) the seven assemblies. We will be able to better identify them when we get to chapters 2 and 3. All that we know about these seven assemblies, as of verse 4, is that,

              1) They are in Asia which in the Bible is modern day Türkiye (formerly Turkey).

              2) They appear to be actual assemblies and likely, when the prophecies of this book are fulfilled (in the future), these assemblies will be on earth.

              We must remember The Revelation is a prophecy of future events (1:3). Therefore, when we look at these assemblies more closely in chapters two and three, we have to be careful to not separate them from the rest of the prophecy. This entire book is one Revelation and one prophecy.

              I think what we will see is that the Revelation concerns The Day of the Lord (or, The Tribulation), which during that time, there will be assemblies of people who will need certain instruction on how to live in That Day.

              In our dispensation of Grace, we have letters (or epistles) from the apostle Paul in which we develop our doctrine for Christian living. During the Tribulation, these seven churches living again under the Law, will receive their own prophetic doctrine in seven epistles on how to live by the Law (works) during the Day of the Lord.

              The Tribulation. As you read through the Bible there are many names used to describe what we call the seven-year Tribulation.

              Old Testament Names:

              • Old Testament most common name for the Great Tribulation is “The Day of the Lord.”
              • The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord—Joel 2:31
              • The Time of Jacob’s Trouble—Jeremiah 30:7
              • One Week (or, the Seventieth Week of Daniel)—Daniel 9:27
              • The LORD’s Strange Work and Strange Act—Isaiah 28:21
              • The Day of Israel’s Calamity—Deuteronomy 32:35; Obadiah 12-14
              • The Tribulation—Deuteronomy 4:30
              • The Indignation—Isaiah 26:20; Daniel 11:36
              • The Overflowing Scourge—Isaiah 28:15,18
              • The Day of Vengeance—Isaiah 34:8; 35:4; 61:2
              • The Year of Recompense—Isaiah 34:8
              • The Time of Trouble—Daniel 12:1; Zephaniah 1:15
              • The Day of Wrath, Distress, Wasteness, Desolation—Zephaniah 1:15
              • The Day of Darkness, Clouds, Thick Darkness—Zephaniah 1:15; Joel 2:2
              • The Day of The Trumpet, Alarm—Zephaniah 1:16


              The New Testament names for the Tribulation:

              • The Day of the Lord—1 Thessalonians 5:2
              • The Wrath of God—Revelation 15:1, 7; 14:10, 19; 16:1
              • The Hour of Trial—Revelation 3:10
              • The Great Day of the Wrath of the Lamb of God—Revelation 6:16,17
              • The Wrath to Come—1 Thessalonians 1:10
              • The Wrath—1 Thessalonians 5:9; Revelation 2:22; 7:14
              • The Great Tribulation—Matthew 24:29
              • The Hour of Judgment—Revelation 14:7
              • The Lord’s Day—Revelation 1:10

              Verses 4,5 (continued)—

              Grace be unto you, and peace from him which is (time present), and which was (time past), and which is to come (forever). In Exodus 3:14,15, I AM, or Yahweh (LORD).

              The seven spirits before the throne. I do not agree this is referring to The Holy Spirit as some claim; If the Holy Spirit is equal with God, how can He be divided into seven? Likewise, the Holy Spirit, being equal with God does not serve God.

              Angels are called both spirits, and servants (Hebrews 1:7). Psalm 104:3 states “Who maketh his angels spirits; His ministers a flaming fire.” These spirits are mentioned again in 4:5, and seven angels stand before God in 8:2. 

              Some say they refer to the Holy Spirit because God the Father, and Jesus Christ are included in this salutation. They believe seven spirits complete the Trinity. But in the New Testament Holy Spirit is never included in any salutation which includes the Father and the Son (Romans 1:7; Philemon 3; 2 Peter 1:2).

              The plain sense is that these are some sort of servants (created beings).


              Therefore, the passage could be read as, Grace be unto you, and peace from Jehovah, from Jehovah’s servants, And from Jesus Christ.

              At His first coming Jesus humbled himself (Philippians 2:7). At His second coming he is exalted and glorified (Philippians 2:9-11).

              The Jesus of The Revelation is:

              1) The Faithful Witness, Because He is faithful, we can trust this Revelation given Him by the Father.

              2)The first begotten of the dead since there were others in Scripture who were resurrected, we have to assume they all died again, but Jesus was the first to rise in an immortal body in which many will follow,

              3) and the prince (Greek: Arkhone=ruler) of the kings of the earth, that in all things he might have preeminence (Colossians 1:18). Psalm 89:27,37 uses all of these titles (Firstborn, higher than kings, faithful witness).

              I have stated that the Body of Christ is not found in The Revelation, and yet we have this in verse 5: Unto him that loved us. While this sounds like a statement, we would apply to us in the body of Christ the us is referring to the seven churches which at this point I am assuming are Jewish assemblies (vs. 4). The pronoun us seems to be specific to the assemblies and to Israel in general. The statement him that loved us is true of God’s lovingkindness to Israel (Jeremiah 31:3; Isaiah 54:10). And washed us (that is, those in the seven churches) from our sins in (actually, by) his own blood, washing by blood (not in) is how sins were purged away in the Old Testament. It involved works.

              King David knew God would wash him thoroughly from his iniquity, and asked God to wash him and he shall be whiter than snow (Psalm 51:2,7), and because of Judah’s iniquity they needed to be washed (Isaiah 1:16,18).

              We too as believers in Jesus Christ in the body of Christ are washed (1 Corinthian 6:11), but things that are similar are not the same. We are washed by the regeneration of the Holy Spirit when we believe by grace through faith (not by works of righteousness; Titus 3:4-7).

              Verse 6—

              And hath made us (Israel) kings (Some translations say kingdom, as in royalty: 1 Peter 2:9) and priests unto God. This is one of the statements that is easy to read into (eisegesis). We should ask is this meant for Israel? If so, we cannot apply it to the body of Christ.

              Here are just a few examples from several commentaries where the body of Christ is read into this passage because of misinterpreting the pronoun us:

              “Believers are now a kingdom and priests with the purpose now and forever of serving God.”

              “By virtue of being washed in Christ’s blood, believers become a kingdom (community) of priests…”

              “Christians, therefore, are a kingdom, because they are priests…”

              “This idea is expressed here by saying that Christ had made us in fact kings and priests; that is, Christians are exalted to the dignity and are invested with the office, implied in these words.

              It is no wonder so many people have difficulty figuring out The Revelation; we are told by authorities from the very beginning of the book that it’s all about us. It isn't.


              Rather, this expression and hath made us Kings and priests unto God and his Father, is very Jewish, and is addressed to the angel of the seven churches (follow the pronouns). John is quoting from Exodus 19:6, which refers to Israel. Israel shall be unto God a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.

              One more thought about priests; The office of Priest was hereditary; only those from the line of Aaron were eligible (Exodus 29:9: “And the Priest’s office shall be theirs for a perpetual statute”). Perpetual means FOREVER. The last I checked my family tree; Aaron was not at the top. Peter quotes the same in his epistle regarding Israel (1 Peter 2:9).

              Christians are not kings, or a kingdom of priests. We are the body of Christ, and we are not in The Revelation. Where are we then? We are present with the Lord.

              To him (That is, the Father) be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.


              Notice the past tense, saw; he is writing this introduction last.

              Modern translations from the critical text use loosed us or freed us. 

              Critical text says “Kingdom”.

              Walvoord, John F., and Roy B. Zuck, Dallas Theological Seminary. The Bible Knowledge Commentary: An Exposition of the Scriptures. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1985. Print.

              Wilkin, Robert N., ed. The Grace New Testament Commentary. Denton, TX: Grace Evangelical Society, 2010. Print.

              Lange, John Peter et al. A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Revelation. Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2008. Print.

              Barnes, Albert. Notes on the New Testament: Revelation. Ed. Robert Frew. London: Blackie & Son, 1884–1885. Print.

              Peter’s first epistle is addressed to “The (elect) strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia” not to the body of Christ. The only people in the Bible shown to be elect is the nation of Israel (See Deuteronomy 7:6; The body of Christ cannot highjack the status of Israel for ourselves. Believers in the body of Christ are not elect, we have accepted the gift of salvation by grace through faith.

              1.  — Edited

                The Babylonian Chronicles

                The Bible Always Proves Archeology

                After being discovered in the 19th century, the Babylonian Chronicles were moved to the British Museum. I remember seeing them on display many years ago. The clay tablet pictured above is from the years 605-594 B.C., the very dates which we are reading about in our study through Daniel.

                The cuneiform tablet describes king Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Jerusalem, including his capture and exile of king Jehoiachin, the son of Jehoiakim (Daniel 1:1,2).

                The tablet above reads:

                “In the seventh year, the month of Kislev, the king of Babylon mustered his army and marched to Ḫatti-land (the Levant). He encamped against the city of Judah (Jerusalem) and on the second day of Adar he took the city and captured the king. He appointed a king of his own choice there, received its heavy tribute and sent (them) to Babylon.”

                Archeology doesn't prove the Bible, the Bible proves archeology.