• This book have expanded 30% since the first edition printet in year 2000. Clearly a lot has happened since that time, a lot of new understanding , science and archeology
    1. Would be nice to have the earlier version of bag and bagd. There is a lot of commentary pointing to bagd, such as the pillar commentary and other very great commentary. But when logos stop selling does earlier versions it’s kind of problematic. Either logos need to update other commentary to use bdag, or start selling bagd again. Bagd has been in logos, think back in logos 3 or something. Know it’s impossible to get bag and bagd.
      1. Couple of nice tips and practice in this, but its only 10 pages, some picture and white space goes on some of does 10 page. It should be free as a gift for all, especially the loyal customers. On the other hand, its a very life changing thing to do, following this tips. Listen to the word, so its also very important to speak the word and/or just read it loud, and also begin to act up on it when the spirit after some time begin to energize, arouses and stirs up your spirit, your inner man. I said energize because thats where the word worketh comes from in Greek "energeo". For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure, Phi 2:13 (kjv). I gave it 3 star because it should be free. But the practice of this are life changing, no doubt. Should I take charge of my few words above, its not even a work to do. Its sure a blessings to the one practice this tips, but it would be unfair to take charge of some that not even a work to do. Dont forget, rest in He's grace so you dont forget the peace and joy in the Lord.