• Why the volume on Philippians by Peter T. O'Brien is no longer available as part of this collection?
    1. This have been removed at the publishers request.
    2. wy was it removed, I wonder.
    3. Several publishers found evidence of plagiarism made by O'Brien in regards to his commentaries. For example: Eerdmans announced that after internal and external review that they "found on the pages of this commentary runs afoul of commonly accepted standards with regard to the utilization and documentation of secondary sources. [They] agreed that the book could not be retained in print." As a result, they were ceasing sales of the commentary, while expressing regret and considerable reluctance in taking these actions. O'Brien stated, "In the New Testament commentaries that I have written, although I have never deliberately misused the work of others, nevertheless I now see that my work processes at times have been faulty and have generated clear-cut, but unintentional, plagiarism. For this I apologize without reservation." -- source wiki