• The narrator sounds like an american tourist who is reading the text out loud in an Italian accent... There is no expression in the text or emphasis put on the key parts of speech, which removes all the benefit of an audio Bible. You don't get the impression that the reader understands what he is saying (although by his bio he apparently does), which is disappointing because I was hoping to capture a bit of the experience of the original performance reading of the early church. They are probably aiming for easier clarity, but it comes across as unrealistic instead.
    1. Where is the table of contents so that we know what is included in this set?
      1. Thanks for letting us know the preview is not working. We will get this fixed.
    2. This seems to be somewhat broken. When I click "Hebrew" it just gives another column of ESV text, and it also appears to not function with any of my Spanish bibles or the Septuagint, although it bizarrely has the Lexham English Septuagint available.