• "The theological significance of Deuteronomy can scarcely be overestimated. Inasmuch as this book offers the most systematic presentation of theological truth in the entire Old Testament, we may compare its place to that of Romans in the New Testament. Moreover, since Deuteronomy reviews so much of Israel’s historical experience of God’s grace as recounted in Genesis through Numbers, a comparison with the gospel of John may be even more appropriate." Hence, as Block terms it, "The Gospel according to Moses." Deuteronomy is seen as the key to, not only the Pentateuch, but the whole of the OT. Understanding this book will greatly enhance one's understanding of the OT and subsequently the NT. After all, the book is widely quoted by the Gospel writers and Paul. It lays the foundation of the story of Israel which comes together in our Lord Jesus. While the course's price would be rather high for us in South Africa ($750.00) I was blessed to obtain it at a pre-bid of $85.00. The course, along with the corresponding commentary on Deuteronomy in the NIV Application Commentary, was indeed a life-changing experience. Thank you to Professor Block with his clear, in-depth teaching. Also, thank you for the personal insights you shared along the way.
    1. Dr Widder does an outstanding job in placing the book of Daniel within its cultural and literary contexts. Throughout the course she highlights interpretive issues allowing the student the freedom to make informed decisions. At the time of writing I am busy with Daniel 9 and the controversial 70 weeks. Dr Widder handles the various (and there are many) interpretive issues in a clear logical way again guiding me in my understanding of this difficult portion of scripture. On top of everything, Dr Widder is an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend this course.
      1. Got Galatians and Romans at 60% off. Douglas Moo is an outstanding expositor and teacher. I am really enjoying Galatians (about 30%) of the way. Highly recommended to those who can afford it.