• When purchasing the Logos Edition of Barth’s Church Dogmatics, I found the publishing history provided helpful background. That history is explained briefly in an editorial review on Amazon.com for the 2010 Henrickson edition (which reproduced the earlier T&T Clark edition, the basis for the Logos Edition): “Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics is, arguably, the most important theological publication of the 20th Century. Reacting against staunchly entrenched German Idealism, Barth sought to articulate a Christian theology that took seriously and yet overcame the critique of Christianity brought forth by 19th Century Protestant Liberalism. Most believe he succeeded to a great extent, and in doing so re-established an orthodox theology's ability to speak positively and confidently about faith, reason, and God in Jesus Christ. “Since its publication in the United States, the Dogmatics has remained relatively inaccessible to pastors, students, and even many professors due to its cost. That is now changing. Hendrickson Publishers, with its publication [2010] of the 14-volume set of the Church Dogmatics, has overcome this obstacle by providing an economic, hardback edition. Hendrickson is reproducing the original 14-volume set edited by T.F. Torrance and G.W. Bromiley, first published more than forty years ago by T&T Clark [1975; first T&T Clark paperback edition 2004, the basis for the Logos Edition]. The new edition will contain the entire 14-volume set and all its contents as it was originally published by T&T Clark. Barth's extensive notes will also remain, most of which remain in their original languages.”
    1. The second edition of this commentary was published in 2016. Are there any plans for Logos to make that new edition available?
      1. Jeff, at this time there are no plans to make this available in our software in the near future.
      2. Thanks for the feedback, Don.
    2. I have the 2009 Third Edition in print, so decided not to purchase the 1998 Second Edition that has been available from Logos for some time. Thanks to Logos for now offering the 2009 Third Edition. Looking forward to it eventually being published if/when it makes it through the PrePub phase. It's an excellent translation that's well worth having and it will be good to have this edition integrated into my Logos library at last.
      1. Hi Jeff, do you have a link for the 1998 Second Edition? I am not able to find it available through Logos. Thanks!
      2. Hi Tommy. The 3rd Edition is now available for order in Logos Pre Pub (Gathering Interest - very slowly) - and the 1998 2nd Edition has been removed as a product from the Logos website. Here's hoping the 3rd Edition gathers enough support.
    3. I'm contemplating ordering these two volumes because of the breadth of the topics covered on this vital area of church history and church life. The big negative for me is that there are 43 essays (I think I counted correctly) but only a handful - maybe four or five - female authors. Surely the compilers of this collection could have done better than that given the overall focus of the volumes - particularly when the editor was a woman. Once again we have mainly men examing the roles of women - exploring an "often neglected" topic without much input from "often neglected" female authors. My impression is that there are numerous well-qualified women who could have contributed to an important exploration such as this. Even if I purchase the books, this aspect will be a disappointment.
      1. Carroll Osburn is male. See Wikipedia.
      2. Thanks for pointing out that Carroll Osburn is a male, Kenneth (my apologies to Carroll; I should have just read the ‘About Carroll Osburn’ section at the bottom of the page). That the editor is male also – not just most of the contributors – makes the point I was making even stronger.
    4. [Comment posted again after earlier version deleted accidentally] Clarification is needed regarding one of the titles in this collection, "A Biblical Approach to Personal Suffering" (Wipf & Stock, Reprint Edition, 2003). This seems to be very similar – in content and the number of pages – to a book by Kaiser already available on Logos: "Grief and Pain in the Plan of God: Christian Assurance and the Message of Lamentations" (Christian Focus Publications, Reprint Edition, 2004 – which notes that the book was published originally by Moody Press in 1982). I am wondering if this is the same book with two different titles. For example, the opening phrase of the book description here is "One of life’s most puzzling problems..." and the opening phrase of the Preface of the "Grief and Pain" book (which I have on Logos) is "One of life’s most puzzling problems…." I would appreciate it if Logos staff could clarify this to assist in purchase decisions.
      1. This is an excellent translation. The only problem is that the version available on Logos is the 2nd Edition (1998) but the 3rd Edition was published in 2009 (I have a copy of the print version). Any chance that Logos could make the 3rd Edition available?
        1. Clarification is needed for this product. The Logos overview for the two-volume “collection” focuses on Collins’ 2007 "Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible" - which is abridged version of his 2004 (1st Edition) "Introduction to the Hebrew Bible" (both of which I have in my Logos library) - and one of the reviews (James VanderKam) for volume one refers only to the "Short Introduction." All this gives the impression that this product incudes the 2nd Edition of that short version when, in fact, the book's title ("Introduction to the Hebrew Bible," not "Short Introduction") and length (640 pages, compared to the 312 or so pages of the 2007 "Short Introduction" and 605 pages of the 2004 full "Introduction") appear to indicate that this is the 2nd Edition of the full "Introduction" - along with the 2nd Edition of the Study Guide that came with the 1st Edition of the full "Introduction." Would appreciate it if Logos could provide a clearer outline of what is included in this two-volume collection.
          1. We're sorry for the confusion. This collection includes the full-length second edition of "Introduction to the Hebrew Bible" and its companion study guide. The second edition of the "short" introduction will be coming soon on its own.
          2. Thanks for the clarification, Matt - and for the news about the second edition of the "short introduction" on Logos. I can now submit a pre-pub order for the two-volume collection.
        2. Amazon identifies the "list price" for the (as yet unpublished) hardcover edition as USD49.99 - the same as the Regular and Print prices noted by Logos. The actual sale price on Amazon for the hardcover, however, is USD34.35 (around 30 per cent reduction). The Logos Pre-Pub price is a reduction of 10 per cent compared to the regular price, instead of the more usual 20 per cent. All this means is that this single volume of the Logos edition on Pre-Pub is quite quite high - as other correspondents have noted - and I would have thought a better deal could have been negotiated. My only question: Why is the Logos price tied to the hardcover price instead of the projected paperback edition price (which would make more sense)?