• A great book to further understand the ancient mind, and thus have a more "literal" reading. Gives wonderful purpose to the bigger picture of Sabbath. A very well stated case.
    1. This is a must read. For a long time I was in a place of seeing two extreme views of things "spiritual." One being the charismatic hype, which I always found to be manipulative and did not at all jive with the God I saw revealed in Jesus. So I was very much in the camp that I see a lot of people in, where things such as angels, demons or any being outside of the trinity or humans were trivialized to the point that they really don't even matter to our understanding of the created universe. Then I heard about Michael Heiser's work through The Bible Project podcast talking about this subject. I essentially inhaled this book. It was essential in what I knew was a huge missing piece in my understanding of the bible. There is a spiritual realm that is not wild hype or cartoony. Once you understand what the ancient writers were really thinking about, you will see this all over the place in scripture, then passages that you would have read right over and given no thought to will leap of the page as an important part of the story. Uncover what is 'hidden in plain sight.'