• This course almost turned me off on anything Mobile. Dr. Bock is a wonderful teacher however when it comes to integrating Logos this is a surface view. I found the learn to study the bible using Matthew 4:1-11 100% times more effective now that i have completed this course- using Grasping the Word as a text. My only wish is applying funds lost on this purchase to the Matthew study which is what i was expecting.
    1. i noticed many great reviews. If the MacArthur sermon series is also captured in good part in his commentary series, what is the benefit? Also one can access his sermon transcripts from the gty.org site. Any feedback would be helpful. thanks joe
      1. The convenience of being searchable in your library instead of needing to make a separate trip to gty is the benefit. There is content from the sermons that has been redacted or summarized in the commentaries, and there are sermons that aren't represented in the commentaries.