• Good for beginners. I own the 1st and 2nd edition and was not too impressed with the contents especially for the price. The IVPOT by Walton and Chavalas set the bar high on cultural context and background info (I thought would carry over to the NT edition) but the IVPNT (both editions) seem, to me, to fall far short of this bar. A better resource for 1st Century culture and context, in my opinion, is The New Testament in Antiquity by Burge, Cohick, Green. This resource was released later than IVPNT, but it has much better content for understanding 1st century culture in and around the NT. The commentary section is okay but, again, could have been more robust in my opinion. I like Keener's work but I had higher expectations I guess.
    1. Did you notice much difference between the first and second edition of the NT?
    2. No, not really. Maybe it's more in his intro of a book, genre, author, etc, but I haven't noticed anything outstanding. Maybe his preface states it. One thing I wished Keener would have done is provide references to his statements regarding culture and context (example Acts 5:14-15 references to rabbinic interpretation of shadows causing one to be unclean. I've heard of this but there is no rabbinic references to support his claim. This is done often).