• I seem to be missing some books. I haven't been able to find the advertised "General Epistles" in my set. and a count of the volumes only adds up to 11.... Was this a partial release? Can I expect more, the other 5 volumes, later? I'm more than a little disappointed..
    1. By yesterday I mean 1/21/16.
    2. I did the download yesterday also, and only have 11 volumes, and also noticed that they don't synch to the bibles, and automatically come up on my resources bar, like the other commentaries do, and when I do a search by book name in my library they do not appear at all. Are you using Logos 6 engine rather than 5? I'm wondering if I'm being crowded into this upgrade in order to access new purchases...
    3. Well let me give you the final report. 4 days after updating the core engine to 6, the computer crashed, and upon reboot, the Logos graphic image had changed, to the new one, and all 16 of my books are showing up, and all are properly linked to the bibles. Am using James (The General Epistles), as we speak.
  • I have the new testament series by him. I surely wish that Logos would allow it to create links from his series to the Bible, like other commentaries. There isn't a verse-by-verse progression, but even book and chapter links would be useful. Instead, I have to open my Bible and commentaries, and then go to my library and search for "Warren Wiersbe" and open it separately, and manually navigate to the book, chapter and verse. If you have a simpler way to do this tell me.