• Great resource itself. That being said, understand it will NOT connect to most of your commentaries and other resources because they seem to mainly connect to the 1979 version that LOGOS doesn't even sell. Buyer beware.
    1. Seriously? "The most important result of this study for the interpretation of Genesis is the realization that the Genesis account pertains to functional origins rather than material origins and that temple ideology underlies the Genesis cosmology." (198–199). This book goes to great lengths to destroy the literal six day creation account and make it in line with other ANE pagan views of creation in order to satisfy those who hold to evolutionary ideas and an old earth. Walton's arguments compromise the integrity of Scripture and deny the something from nothing aspect of creation as given in Genesis 1. This book should not be used as a preaching resource other than to note the false arguments given by those who try to placate the evolutionist.
      1. As I watched the promo video on Logos and scanned through the description of the course Walton teaches in the Mobile Ed I couldn't help but see that he would compromise on what the bible teaches about our origins. I did a little more research and am even more convinced that Logos should not be producing this harmful material. Here is a good review of this book: https://answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2011/02/18/wheaton-college-and-false-teaching-in-tennessee/
        1. Dr. Heiser, I enjoyed reading the book until you started what seems like a defense of the regional flood theory. Do you not ascribe to a worldwide flood? I must admit that my enjoyment doesn't necessarily equate with agreement. It also seems like you advocate there being other gods above angels but below Yahweh, am I wrong in this thought? I'll be honest, I am suspicious when anyone starts claiming to reveal a truth that's been hidden from the church. Not sure if that's what you mean to say but that's certainly the tone of what I've read. Appreciate any feedback or response.
          1. Yes, a big red flag runs up the pole when teaching is presented that hasn't been a part of the orthodox doctrine of the church for the 2000 years of it's history...seems pretty unlikely that the Holy Spirit who "... will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you." (Jn 14:26 ESV) would have waited 2000 years to bring it to the attention of the Church? Just saying that caution and discernment is warranted ... be like the Berean Christians ...
        2. Turned off by his commentary on Genesis. Affirms science "proving" the earth is billions of years old so we don't really need to deal with the whole "day" issue. Says it is God's way of dumbing it down for us basically. But then affirms the fall of man and that sin and death came through one man, Adam. You cannot advocate for billions of years (which would have death all along through those years) but then say death came from Adam's sin. Which is it? Either evolution and billions of years are true and the bible is wrong, or the bible is right and there were not billions of years before Adam. One of several areas the author wimped out and took easy positions which ended up in contradicting himself. And no, the Garden of Eden was not just north of the Persian Gulf. Ever see what a localized flood does to terrain? Think Mt St Helens and how millions of acres were changed in a few hours. Now picture the water bursting forth from the deep and months of worldwide cataclysmic flooding. Do you really think the earth looks anything like it did before Genesis 6? Not hardly, trying to use current day rivers 6,000 years and a worldwide destructive flood removed from an event is pointless.
          1. Since he is an ordained pastor with the UCC and holds very liberal views of Scripture I would not even consider buying any of his works.
            1. I'm confused why you would go out of your way to rate a book you haven't read.
          2. Trying to figure out why Logos would make this a free book of the month and promote it. Seems the author's main intent is to show that Jesus didn't say what the Scriptures tell us He said and that Scripture is just really a bunch of stuff made up by some human authors that sounds real nice. This book is nothing more than a not so veiled attack on the inerrant and infallible Scriptures.
            1. Would be nice to be able to actually see what the shirt says
              1. You can see the design now. Use the zoom option.