• While I cannot yet vouch for the Logos edition of "The History and Theology of Calvinism" by Curt Daniels, I have heard him speak and I own a bound copy of the notes that comprise most of this volume and bears the same name. It is invaluable. I have used it on many occassions and I cannot wait to have it as a part of my Logos Library! (the bound version is...big, so a digital version is a welcome addition!)
    1. I’ve only used a few volumes of this, however the quality is amazing! I am loving this so far and I cannot imagine the quality going down between volumes. I now understand why this is one of the most premiere commentary sets.
      1. I really enjoy the commentary, especially the to-the-point information that it gives. It does not assume that "just because you are reading a commentary that you know ________" information that a lot of commentaries (and pastors and professors) assume. This is a commentary that I believe will help Christians at any point in their lives, whether they are in the pew, the classroom, or the pulpit. I'll write another review when I've used it more, however, from reading through James and Most of Romans, I really like what I see (and have learned).
        1. Thank you for your review & reply
        2. Hi Jonathan do you maybe have Teach The Text Commentary, from what i have seen its my kinda commentary, I'm a working preaching and simply don't have all the time read through stuff that's not useful to me or our congregation, love to hear your thoughts and even your suggestions of similar commentaries, I leave my email if you would like send me a message, alec@ecmba.org.za
        3. Hey , I have one (I think) of the Teach the Text Commentary, however it's not one I have purposefully interacted with, so I am not sure about how well it would do for you and your congregation. The best thing I could offer is to see if there are any "preview" pages on the product pages on Logos.com and see if the information within those would be useful to you. Sometimes you can ask questions about them on the Logos Forums (community.logos.com) and people will often respond by posting a passage entry if there isn't one on the product page. I would suggest looking there.
      2. I am thoroughly enjoying Logos 8. Having first purchased a base package when it was Logos 5, I have progressively moved up with the newer versions, and I think that Logos 8 is by far the best I have used. It is much faster and more responsive than any previous version, and I have used 6, 7, and 8 all on the same computer (2015 MBP, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD). There are many features that I like, such as the workflow which can help guide me through thought processes, and canvas is neat, though I haven't used it as much as I wish I had time for. The new Notes tool is fabulous. It is much faster than the old notes (I used to type faster than the text would appear on my notes, but that's no longer the case!) even when I have multiple Logos windows and tabs open over two monitors. Sure, there are things that could be better about Notes, but what is there, in my humble opinion, is great. Overall, I highly recommend Logos 8 to anyone considering Bible study software, whether it be a Sunday School Teacher, Pastor, Seminarian, or anyone else, Logos Bible Software will be greatly edifying to the user.
        1. I love it. I use Logos in nearly every aspect of my Bible study, my two jobs(one ministerial and one secular), with my family worship time. It is invaluable and I praise God for tools such as this to help broaden my understanding of His word.
          1. So far, I am loving this resource. With the youth and their families at my church for this year, 2015, I have challenged them all to read through the Bible using the M'Cheyne reading plan, from which DA Carson has based his readings in For The Love of God vol. 1 and 2. So, when reading through this, it gives wonderful insight into the chapters, allowing me to come up with poignant topics to discuss with the youth and sometimes their parents.
            1. Logos Gold has been a huge blessing to me. I purchased it for seminary, and before my schooling starts, I have already used it greatly. It has helped me better prepare for family devotions. It has aided in greatly enhancing my understanding of various passages of scripture in my personal devotions. And, as I begin a new ministry director position at the church we now attend, I know it will a powerful tool in that as well. All this and I still can't wait to use it in Seminary! Soli Deo Gloria! I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone in ministry as an invaluable asset to use both personally and professionally!