• I feel like this course was a great investment for me even though I work in the non-religious private sector and non-counseling/psychology field. It helped add a depth to my Bible studies that I would not have considered. In this foundations and practice course, Dr. Gary Barnes gradually makes the transition from the Biblical foundation into the counseling practice. That’s where the name of the course comes from. Initially, I took this course to prepare myself to develop software for counselors, but I walked away with so much more. In my opinion, the intensity of this course is equivalent to an undergraduate 2000-3000 level course (1 semester hour) with 12 hours of videos and maybe 24 hours of required and recommended readings. However, you can spend significantly more time in this course if you enjoy taking rabbit trails to learn about related subjects. This course is a good mix of theory and practice, covering a blend of theology, devotional, counseling, and psychology themes. This course also uses a lot of examples, gives many definitions, and explains different frameworks. The tables and charts that are linked to the course helped me understand how specific psychological themes are similar or compatible with theological themes, for example, the links between soteriology (the study of the doctrine of salvation) and developmental psychology. In addition to being directly linked to about 60 unique Logos resources, this course is also heavily integrated with the Logos Factbook. Because of its integration with the Logos Factbook, you will have a more immersive experience with a larger package of Logos (with an emphasis on the academic journals) than with the free version. I spent about 10% of my time following rabbit trails within my academic journals.
    1. I purchased Logos 9 Collector the day it was released. I feel like this was a great investment for me even though I work in the non-religious private sector. I've been upgrading my Collector Edition since Logos 6. Pros: 1. The upgrade from Logos 8 Collector to Logos 9 Collector feels 3x more impressive than the upgrade from the L7 Collector to L8 Collector. 2. In Logos 9, the features and tools become exponentially more useful as the size of your library grows, this is more so in Logos 9 than in L6-L8. 3. Dark Mode Cons: 1. There are about 50 tools, features, resources, and datasets that are not available yet. They are not on the Logos 9 Collector product page but they are listed in the Logos 9 Full Feature Upgrade product page. 2. There are a few dozen quirky issues that will probably be fixed with the 9.1 update. For example, on dark mode with a Windows 10 15 inch 4k monitor, you won't be able to read or zoom in on the meta-data for images when you're adding images to your notes. However, in Logos 9 it is the first time you can add images to your notes. 3. You might need to upgrade your computer. 4. It is expensive, however, the monetary value of the Logos Resources (about 92% of the cost of the Collector package) won't depreciate (or lose value) like a car, technically you could sell your Logos License to someone later on (it cost $10 to transfer your Logos License).
      1. Hey Joshua, what was your cost to update from collector 8, to collector 9?
      2. It cost me about $1,800 USD to update to Collector 9