• Does this dataset also comb through the texts from the Perseus Classics Collection?
    1. I made extensive use of this book when I took a course in Greek prose composition. It is excellent and incredibly comprehensive. My only observation is that Woodhouse frequently only references an author's name without citing a particular work. How would it link to the Perseus Classics Collection without direct citations? Secondly, this dictionary is only useful if one is able to thoroughly search this work using English keyboards. If Logos can perform the same search functionality as the University of Chicago's online version (http://www.lib.uchicago.edu/efts/Woodhouse/), then it would indeed be very useful.
      1. May I ask what the difference is between this and the Perseus Classical Collection versions of Homer?
        1. Note that the Perseus collection for Logos doesn't include the Iliad in Greek, for example. Also, the morphological tagging is supposed to be better in the Loeb editions in comparison with the free Perseus collection. (It would even appear that the Perseus texts have no tagging whatsoever). Check the forum responses from Logos employees on this.
        2. Hmm, it looks like there is morphological tagging for the Perseus Greek texts now. So I suppose the only difference is that it includes the Iliad in Greek.