• This set does not include the CDF's 1974 Declaration on Procured Abortion.
    1. I agree with Susan. Why are you going to charge so much for something when most of the work has already been done and is available in many free forms all over the internet (cf. Glossa)? Maybe charge a nominal cost for providing access to it, but even $24 dollars is quite a bit.
      1. Kevin - 24$ covers their expenses only... Once this closes and goes into pre-pub you can expect the price to sextuple ... Looks like the normal going rate will be 129.95. Its well worth the 24$ to have all of the sources tagged and linked across the gamut of Logos resources. Not to mention the ease with which Logos generates Bibliographic/works cited references, and the other value added things Logos does to make their products more valuable than a simple e-book downloaded from amazon.
      2. The price is more than fair if you get it for $24 (even $50). Having a digital version will make research faster.
      3. I'm assuming (and hoping) that many of the references to Latin works in the dictionary definitions will be linked to the actual works in Logos, as many of the Greek references are. That, in my opinion, makes it far more useful than Glossa etc, and worth the price.