• I had posted a review before with an incriminating quote but the review has been removed. This book is all about social justice. It uses the life of Kuyper to introduce the author's opinions that christians should use the government to try and bring wealth equality and social justice to the world. It is full-on liberalism. He tries to make you think Kuyper was a liberal even while saying he fought liberals. If you want to read something to back up a liberal theology you have this is the book.
    1. I'm blown away that Logos has chosen a theologian who doesn't hold to biblical inerrancy and supports evolution for their Genesis course. They could have at least named it "Genesis: A Theistic Evolution Perspective", and then got the Christian scientists and theologians at the Institute of Creation Research to do a Biblical course.
      1. I too and surprised in one sense, but I also find it revealing about Logos and their position on inerrancy. Compromise with evolution and  culture are telltale signs of problems. It is one thing for a new believer to have doubts and quite another for a person with a track record of study to doubt the plain teaching of Genesis on the creation. It is also  telling that Logos doesn't present both sides of the argument. Finally, your point that the title conveniently masks the teacher's position is well taken. Thank you for your comment!
      2. Came across this comment again after a men's study yesterday in Jude and some reflection on false teachers. God is clear that He created the heavens and the earth in just 6 days. A cause for the universe would logically have such a capability. A cause that created time itself would have such a capability. These are questions of reason and logic. Those who cling to the scientifically disproven theory of evolution are not doing so due to a rational consideration of the evidence for deep time. Deep time has at best presumptive extrapolated support, which as we know from experience is flawed. God's word has been proven correct time and time again and can be trusted with regard to creation as well. "In the beginning God...In the beginning WAS the Word..." Genesis 1:1 & John 1:1
    2. Does anyone know the difference between this set and Schaff's (and others) Fathers series?
      1. You'd have to work through the volumes to compare them, but practically, the introductions for each of these volumes is better. Also, you have mostly Catholic translators with the ACW volumes, which is a huge plus. Also, most of Schaff's text were not translated from critical editions, so the base text in the ACW is more sound and thus reliable. One of the volumes I'm familiar with is John Cassian's "Conferences." Whereas the Schaff edition has this work in it, it is not complete. The ACW translation is the first time the entire text has been translated into English.