• I use The Passion Translation along side either ESV or NKJV when reading within the New Testament in Logos. I would give more stars for the work of Brian Simmons if I could. I have the Logos version as well as a "Print version" I'm looking forward to purchasing the complete work including Old Testament. I have the Mobile Ed course BI181 Introducing Bible Translations The speaker Mark Strauss answers a question he hears frequently. "Which translation of the Bible is best", he answers "More than one".. It's a different view, a different time of translation.. I read Brian's story about being in the mission field "Darien Province of Panama" for nearly 8 years. His history is birthed from a place of desiring to help people understand God's word and ways. Wether it's in a rain forest or an urban office, I would imagine that many people are loving Jesus more out of the love and discipline he has put into his work of serving God. May he reach, influence and cary out every plan God has for him to unfold. Amen..
    1. How can this be a good translation when it is a paraphrase that corrupts what is said. The author is not a trained scholar and claims he was taken to Heaven and shown extra stuff to add, in particular to John. This book is endorsed by Bethel Redding which is a heretical church.
  • I don't think the amount of Branding should exist on every one of the 700 clips. As a free item online maybe so. But as a paid item, the branding could be kept as simple as an icon at the bottom of the screen corner, a two second intro (if it must). The content is great, that's the reason I paid for it.
    1. John Fuder has such a wonderful way of presenting what he has learned through his work within City's He is a shinning example of someone that is living it out. This course is not only worth taking, but worth recommending to anyone in small groups or ministries wanting to get real and make a difference. Thankyou John Fuder, may you shine even brighter for Jesus, reaching and influencing all God has called you to complete. Amen In Christ Lindsay