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Learn a proven method for understanding the biblical writers’ original meaning.
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    Over the next 10 days, you’ll learn a proven method for understanding the biblical writers’ original meaning—and how to bridge the gap from ancient context to life today. Click or tap “Follow” above to receive daily videos that will help you put essential Bible study skills into practice. If you already own Logos we’ll automatically add the course to your Logos library when you join the group!
  • Please give thanks to the Lord for something He has done.

      I give thanks to the Lord for my financial blessings
      I give thanks to the lord for every breathe I take.
    • I give thanks to the LORD for giving us families and friends, who love us, and for the gift of salvation and redemption in Christ Jesus our LORD.
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    What is the main idea in Act 9:1-9 please, I want to know meaning about the tekz
      Dearest Bwanteiti, The main idea in this text, Acts 9:1-9, is that it required the supernatural intervention of God in Jesus Christ to make Paul see he was wrong in his persecution of this new Christian "sect" as they were called. This is when Paul became a believer in Jesus, he was no longer just a "religious" Jew, but now a true believer.
      God chose Saul because he was a Jew.Saul was also very well educated in different languages and cultures. As Paul he wrote over half of the new testament.
    • Saul (Paul) was a Jew of the Diaspora. He be longs to the Tribe of Benjamin, which is also apparent in his name, Saul, who, in the Old Testament, was the first King of all Israel, and who also be longed to the Tribe of Benjamin. Saul (Paul) was also a Pharisee be fore his divinely interventioned conversion from Pharisaic Judaism to Christianity.
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    • Jonah 1:1-16
      The book of Jonah describes the prophet who attempted to disobey God Almighty but did not succeed.
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        • Trusting the Lord
          • Prayer for restoration
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              My mind is in a great change, I never knew that it is possible to study the Bible and get things to build ones insight, but now am transformed.
                I have just now found this website. Um, I don't know what to say here. I hope it is what my heart is looking for. I do not want ego to be invovled in my search for truth. Only, my heart, not my head, come to intimately know truth and relationship with God. Thank you.
              • We can not really come in to and get near these holy things of the LORD with out first Him having made the first move, usually through His servants here on Earth, and most importantly, through His Holy Spirit.
            • hola quiero saber cual fue la marca que dios puzo en cain