• I appreciate that highlights now appear across resources. But it's a bit much when the highlight covers all paragraphs of an entire commentary article rather than maybe just the headword or title. Could this be tweaked without having to turn off highlights in a resource? Again, however, I do appreciate the cross-highlights. The examples below are in the mobile app where I highlighted 2 Timothy 3:6-7 in the ESV.
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      Sorry I didnt check the mobile, but can see what you mean. It seems that if you manually highlight the entire verse, including and headers and the verse numbers, then that will interpret as you wanting to highlight the Bible Reference. This will show as the target in the highlight box as the bible reference rather than some of the text (Red rectangle in image). These will appear in other bibles/commentaries. If something in that passage is not selected, such as a title or a footnote reference, the selected text will be the target, and this will be a resource specific highlight and will not appear in the resources. (It will appear in other bibles on the desktop if Corresponding Notes/Highlights are turned on. This might come to mobile at some point also) In the second image I have just not highlighted the final footnote in that verse.
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      That does seem to explain it, thank you very much, but that's very inconvenient. In my example, if I highlight verse 8, it's not enough to move the range handle off the 8 at the beginning or the period at the end. I have to actually cut off part of either the first word or last word of the verse to change the target. That's just not a practical solution if you're highlighting several verses, especially if there is no footnote or other at the beginning or end of the selection. Not to mention that it's very easy to move the slider just enough to create a different selection and have to start all over again. Maybe that can be addressed somehow, but at least I know what's happening.
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      Yes I agree, it is inconvienient to have to slightly move the range just to have a resource specific highlight, which is what I prefer. Unfortunately you cannot specify on mobile which Notebooks to show, so you cannot filter out the highlights like you can on desktop, it is either all notes on or all notes off, so if you use generic bible reference highlights, and you want to be able to also highlight your commentaries, you are stuck having all your bible reference highlights showing also, which is not great.
  • Hello and Blessings, I am having a wonderful time with my Bible time(s) and the updated software on all three of my platforms, MAC, iPhone and iPad. the iPad gets the most ‘go to’ activity by far. While it is sooo much better with the newest update I am perplexed by two things…. 1. The latest iPad Pro 11”, when working in Logos does not support use with an Apple Pencil. It works in a lot of functions but I was told that it (the Logos iOS software) is not designed to work with the Apple Pencil, so some of the tasks will not work when using the pencil. This makes it tedious to try to complete tasks in my daily work. 2. The new iOS software in the iPad once again is sooo much improved but this iPad Pro latest edition struggles to handle ‘Notes’ on occasion, freezing and restarting. When I inquired about this it was suggested that since I had more than a 1000 notes, this is expected behavior. Notes are a VERY big part of my Logos experience. The iPhone and MAC appear to have no problem with notes in excess of 1000, just the iPad Pro that I use. Any thoughts about coming updates etc. Would be encouraging. Thank you and once again, Blessings to the developers and support staff of the finest Bible software on earth!
    1. Carey, it might be helpful to us to understand how you are using the app when you experience restarts / crashes. How many and what sort of tools/resources do you typically have open in these cases?
    2. Todd, I can record a ‘screen recordings’ of the process and send it to you. What email address should I use?
    3. Carey, you can send it to customerservice@faithlife.com, mention me and it will get to me.
  • Can anyone tell me if the sermon builder is available for Android devices? I can find documentation for iPad, but not for android.
    1. It's not available yet on Android apps. However, in these cases, users can access the web app from their mobile device to gain access to Sermon Builder.
  • May I know how to list all instances of "father" NEAR "will of" (for both upper and lower case)? I have unselected the match case option, but it does not yield the expected result.
    1. You have "match all forms" selected rather than "match case"
    2. Your query was set up correctly except for the quote marks (") around father. - Take the quotes off from around the word -father- - leave "Match case" turned off You will see all your verses with both "Father" and "father" in the results
  • Please give thanks to the Lord for something He has done.

    1. I need to reinstall the NKJV audio Bible. The first few chapters of Genesis have verses broken at the end of the chapters. Starting at Genesis 12, it states it chapter 12, but it is in Exodus someplace. Total mess up. Danny
      1. Hi ! Thank you for your post. Could you please confirm if the issue persists after reinstalling? It would also be very helpful if you could provide the full title or the resource ID of the book that presented the issue. Thank you!
      2. I installed it on two computers and still the same problem. It is the NKJV Audio Bible Fully Dramatize by Stephen Johnston.
      3. Hi ! Thank you very much for sharing that information. I have checked the title and I can reproduce the issue: on Genesis 12, it reads Leviticus 11. We'll be working on a fix. Happy Friday!
    2. Can you control where a new tab opens? For example, when I click on the apparatus of the NA28, it opens a new tab in a seemingly random spot. I wish I could send them all to the same window or tab group. Thanks!!
      1. Yes, I would like more control where newly opened resources show up.
      2. I usually click on the resource title, then drag it to where I want it.
      3. Thanks, Harry. I meant when I clicked a "link" inside a resource, it moves to a tab location randomly. Dragging works, but its a bit cumbersome when I'm doing a deep dive!
    3. The Copy/Cut and Paste Without Formatting feature has been terrible for a long time, especially between Sermon Documents and Notes, but is even worse with Logos 10. Is there any hope for improving this? In particular, with Logos 10 it actually adds extra lines when pasting, and there is now no difference between Paste and Paste Without Formatting. This is very inconvenient and time consuming to correct manually.
      1. I'm going to follow up with you to get some more details and to discuss this further. I would like to learn more about exactly how you are using this to see precisely where we can improve the experience.
      2. Hi, , I saw that I have a message from you but am unable to access it for some reason.
      3. - I have reached out to you by email to continue the conversation there. Thanks for your willingness to help.
    4. Where is the "report typo" tool in Android apps? I selected it to be shown in the Settings.
      1. I haven't seen that option since the most recent update. I wonder if it has been removed. ??
      2. We removed the Report Typo option when we released the Logos 10 app in October. Due to sufficient demand, we have added the Report Typo option back into the Android app. It is currently in the beta app and will ship to the stable app in a few weeks. Android Release Notes: https://wiki.logos.com/Android_Reader_10.2.0.0340 How to join the beta app testing: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/191222.aspx
      3. Ok. I saw that it was in the settings, so it was confusing. I'm glad it will be coming back.