• I need help with the NOTES tool. There are about 6,000 notes and highlights due to my ongoing study of the Christian Standard Bible. How can I delete some of them, without having to dive into a sea of prior notes?
    1. I'm not sure if the IT guys could or would be able to help you, but who knows. Are they in any sort of grouping or order? If they're all in your Christian Standard Bible, you could enter that (CSB) into the Search bar to bring up just those notes. If they're all from the same time period, you could sort them by creation date, then select a note, scroll to the end of some and click on one while holding Shift to select all notes between them, and/or hold CTRL while clicking on individual notes to select them if not in sequence. It may take a few combinations to locate them all, but I'd definitely utilize the Search bar and any sorting or notebooks where they might be found. There probably won't be a quick way otherwise.
    2. I feel you. Notes, Clippings, and more are unfortunately confusing. The simplest suggestion i have is to label them with "Z" to put them at the bottom, and then over time as you go thru the bible, just delete them one by one. that's more or less what I am doing. the proper organization of my notes is gonna take years.
    3. Label the notes 'Z', O.K. Thanks, Barnabas
  • I have a small timeline of Israel's history in a spreadsheet. I would like to be able to either import it or copy and paste it into a Note. The only import option for Notes seems to be for images. I can create an image and import it, but then the information in the image is not indexed nor can it be searched. When I copy and paste it, under either "paste" or "past without formatting" options I lose the spreadsheet format of columns and rows. I have had many instances where being able to create a small table of columns and rows in a Note would be very helpful. Does anyone know if it is possible. Thanks.
    1. as far as I know, not yet; this has been asked for in the forums several times and there's a very popular suggestion on the Logos Feedback system: https://feedback.logos.com/boards/logos-desktop-app/posts/add-support-for-tables-in-notes
    2. Thanks. Probably from a software design perspective, the Notes feature was never intended to be a fully functioning word processor, but ability to add a small table would be nice.
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    I had to replace my MacBook Air hard drive recently. I've forgotten how to customize Logos, specifically how to change the color displayed when double clicking on a word to see the original languages in the same window. I thought I'd find it in "Preferences" but could not. (I know it's a small thing, but I liked the color I had before.) Can anyone refresh my memory on this?
    1. I'm not sure what you mean by "to see the original languages in the same window". But, more generally, we don't have any options to change the double-click colour.
  • Is it possible to find page numbers in Logos "e-books"? I recently purchased an e-book from Logos.com. I know it doesn't have all the regular Logos resources, which is fine. But I can't figure out how to find page numbers in the e-book! I really need them for citations on a paper. Thanks for any help!
    1. Yes, thanks, I think you're right. I realize that "e-books" on Logos don't have all the features of other Logos resources, but if I knew it didn't have page numbers, I might not have purchased it! Thanks again for the help.
    2. This book (like most eBook edition resources) doesn't have page numbers. You can verify in the resource information in the book or the library: the page number index would be listed - see screenshot . That said, nearly all style manuals for academic citation should have explicit rules for citing electronic resources, so in fact you don't need them. There's also ways to find page numbers for cited passages, e.g. via Amazon's Look-Into feature.
    3. Thanks, NBMick, that's what I was thinking. Before I started digging into the proper citation format for resources with no page numbers, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing them! I did think about looking on the Amazon preview or Google books for page numbers, but that's a lot of work since I'm citing the book several times in the paper. Anyway, thanks everyone for the help! (NOTE: I did get an email from Logos Customer Service saying that some/most Logos e-books do not contain page numbers. Good to know, and hopefully someone fixess this!!)
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    1. Take a pill
    2. , anything we can do to help you? Ask away. cc:
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    What’s the best way to study the original languages using Logos?
    1. is there a way to print my sermons from logos? I was using quickverse and it has a print feature that I don't see in logos.
      1. Also, the Export options work much the same throughout Logos. Here is a bit more context to how it works across the application: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016476711-Printing-and-Exporting
      2. Edmond, Are you using the desktop app or are you on app.logos.com? If you are on that website, I would instead recommend switching over to our desktop app where printing capabilities are available within Sermon Builder from a variety of areas. The web app isn't set up to work quite as easily to print although there are ways to accomplish it.
    2. I'm reposting this because I worry my original post is getting lost and the issue is still far from resolved. There is a big spacing issue in Logos with Hebrew text. The line spacing for Hebrew text is huge, making for very uneven gaps in resources that use Hebrew and Latin scripts. Previously this wasn't an issue with SBL BibLit, only with SBL Hebrew, but SBL BibLit had a different issue, of melding Hebrew words together in Heb/Eng resources. This latter issue has been resolved, but now SBL Hebrew and BibLit are indistinguishable: they both have the line spacing issue. I suspect part of this is owing to the fact that Hebrew text is several point sizes bigger than English text. This is totally unnecessary; it makes the Heb text stand much taller than the English. I'm disappointed this is taking so long to fix. As mentioned in my previous post, I highlighted some of these issues nearly two years ago now. I was told the issue was being looked at and should be resolved in the next version (v 26), but one problem was merely substituted for another. Can this please be looked at with all urgency.
      1. !
      2. - we did look at this case as Ali promised, but unfortunately there isn't an easy solution to having SBLBibLit support even line-heights without causing the earlier character-spacing issue. I'm painfully aware of the frustrations that mixed line-heights brings, and this problem has my full attention. I hope that means we'll be able to find a resolution, but if it was an easy problem to solve, we'd have solved it by now. I am, however, asking our most experienced devs to put their heads together to try and find a solution for everyone.
      3. Thanks and , I appreciate the effort being put in. Is it still an issue if the size of the Hebrew text is reduced? As noted before, it's 4pts bigger than the Latin scripts (which even by itself I think is more than a bit odd).
    3. Hello all! I am having sync issues on my iPad app and am needing some help. I write my sermons on both a Windows and Mac computer and then pull up Logos on my iPad to preach/teach from. Lately, the sync is failing and I cannot get any of my recently written documents on my iPad. They sync fine between my computers, but my iPad is not updating. Support has told me this is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release, but I need to know if there is some sort of work around. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
      1. Pastor Mike, I'm sorry to hear about this, but what you are describing isn't necessarily a known issue that we were working on for a future release. Therefore, I have been testing this same behavior where I created a sermon on my laptop, synced, then loaded the iPad app to try to find the sermon document there. At first, I was not seeing the sermon at the top of the "Documents - Sermons" menu option. However, if I opened up that same menu that resides on the right portion of the screen, and scrolled to the bottom and clicked on "Settings - Sync your data" and then went back to the "Documents - Sermons" option, the sermon I created from my laptop now showed up. Are you seeing an actual sync failing error message on the iPad app? I definitely want to troubleshoot this with you right away as this should not be happening. Thanks for any extra info you can provide.
      2. Austin, thank you for the reply. I find it a bit disconcerting that I was told this is a known issue by one individual and now it’s not. But that’s neither here nor there. In short, yes, the actual sync is failing. I have closed and re-opened the Logos app multiple times. The sync has not been successful in weeks. I can share a screen capture of my trying to sync, but I cannot upload a video here, but here’s a screenshot of the error icon I get when syncing manually. The fail rate is currently 100%. To more concisely answer your question, I am not receiving any error messages, my documents are just not showing up and when I manually sync, it shows the red exclamation point in the picture attached.
      3. I'm going to continue this conversation via email as I have some detailed steps I want you to try as it very likely may resolve the issue you're currently experiencing. I'll be reaching out shortly.
    4. Is there a way to make it default to having the resources box checked under the Visual Filters? What does "show in all appropriate books" mean? When I check the resource box for one volume of a series, it does not automatically check that box for the other volumes.
      1. Perhaps if you make the selection in the collection instead of in a single volume? I beleive "show in all appropriate books" means that it's shown in all corresponding volumes. For instance, if you make a note in the ESV, it will also show in all other bibles, and commentaries, etc, that have the same reference.