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    The Dallas Willard book listed as the free offer for October doesn't show up as free when you click the link. Is this an error? Thanks!
    1. It appears to be corrected now, thank you!
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      1. Hello Does Logos plan to include non-English Bibles? I'm from the Philippines and I would love to see a Filipino-translated Bible in Logos.
        1. Daniel -- You may have to call Logos directly to request a different language version. These are the only ones I see right now: English (263) Greek (86) Chinese (49) German (34) Hebrew (34) Spanish (21) Portuguese (18) French (17) Korean (8) Latin (8) Coptic (6) Dutch (5) Syriac (5) Norwegian (4) Afrikaans (2) Arabic (2) Czech (2) Russian (2) Albanian (1) Danish (1) Esperanto (1) Finnish (1) Hungarian (1) Italian (1) Japanese (1) Maori (1) Serbian (1) Swedish (1) Thai (1) Ukrainian (1)
        2. I have a friend who does Bible Translation in Indonesian languages, and I know that she has several versions from that area through SIL in Logos. I agree with David. Logos should hopefully be able to let you know if there is one available that we average folks can't see.
      2. Is there anyway you can develop a tablet version of Logos? The Web app keeps crashing on my Galaxy tab s7+ The app is far too restricted :(
        1. , we have both Android and iOS versions of the app for phones and tablets. Have you tried our Android app, or is your device/OS not compatible? cc: ,
      3. Hi everyone! I have a question about word searches in the LXX (I'm using Rahlfs). If I right click a Greek word in the LXX and then do a "Bible" search for it, how can I automatically include the Greek NT in my search results? Hope this makes sense. I know how to do it in many more steps, but I want to streamline it. Thanks in advance!
        1. If you do a Bible Word Study instead of a Search, the results will have two word wheels: one for the NT and one for the LXX OT. Click on the middle word in each word wheel to get the full set of results in each. This assumes you want results based on the lemma. If you want the specific manuscript form and not the lemma, another option may be better.
        2. , I can't find a video, but this screenshot may help. Open the Library, find your LXX or GNT, open the info sidebar, scroll down to the Series section, and type in the name of the series you'd like to use. It can be whatever you want as long as (a) it's not currently in use and (b) both resources have the same series name.
        3. @Phil Gons - Yes! Thanks! Worked like a charm. I can now easily search for Greek words in both the LXX and GNT with one click. Just have to figure out how to get the LXX results to appear before the GNT (NA28) results! Thanks much.
      4. I attempted to study the Bile online using the Logos Web App and received the following displayed message. How do I get WebGL? Our resource display requires WebGL to be enabled. Please enable it and try again, or continue with limited view turned on.
        1. Hi thanks for reaching out! The problem seems to be that WebGL needs to be enabled on your browser. What browser and version of the browser are you using?
        2. While desiring to be helpful on this forum technical issues are better addressed outside … just Google it and you will receive clear and accurate guidance. This forum and MP seminars support is excellent for addressing Logos use issues.
      5. Does Logos plan on making the Thompson Chain reference Bible in KJV or would that matter sine most of it is resource material?
        1. The TCR bundle has all components of the print bible (and more) except the actual bible text (which is normal for study bibles), so you can use it with any bible you like, including KJV.
        2. Thanks Mike download the Thompson Chain it is great in digital will make Bible study even more exciting great it works with any Bible version.
      6. Hello LBS family, Anyone care to weigh in on this question: What is the best resource for background information on the book of Ezekiel? P.S. No too technical please.
        1. Hard to beat Daniel Block He is the author of the NICOT commentary on Ezekiel and the teacher of the Logos Mobile Ed course on Ezekiel (OT 362) if it’s too much try the Tyndale commentary by John Taylor or the NIVAC. There’s enough in the LOOK INSIDE options for these in the LOGOS store to get a pretty good idea of how technical they are.
        2. Thank you both and I will check out the resources you mentioned except for the NIVAC on Ezekiel. I don't have that volume but agree there are several good commentaries in that series. Thanks again.
        3. Thankful for all the responses! I am well on my way to good preparation for my adult Sunday school class!