• I went from Logos 8 Lutheran Portfolio to Logos 9 Lutheran Diamond. Since I already have Faithlife Connect, I already have the LOGOS 9 system, so have I gained or lost with this purchase?
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      Did you mean to post that to the question below about his software running slow rather than this one about a software package?
    2. I wonder about that as well, if someone has been paying for Faithlife Connect, do they pay less for the Logos 9 upgrade?
    3. Yes sorry ; )
  • Does anybody know why my Logos 8 would be extremely slow or not work at all? Tech support can not help me. they just keep referring me to their articles that have not helped me. Any help would be appreciated!
    1. Kevin...Program will not load unless I maximize and minimize window over and over, but cannot so anything with the program.
    2. I have a PowerBook running MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave), I have had more random crashes since upgrading to the minimum version 9 than ever. Very frustrating.
  • 1st question, In 9 how we you go to a Biblical reference from notes, it goes to what you marked as you go to bible or favorite bible, how do you change what bible you want to it to go to when you click on the scripture link. 2nd In my layouts that are linked to commentaries, or other books, used to you could click on the Bible and change the Bible in the linked tab, How do you do that now? I don't seen an option to change the source of Links... for instance my main bible is connected (A) to by Scripture knowledge tab, The links I click on there go to a (B) Tab which is a secondary bible that that is then synced to a commentaries tab. sometimes I want to switch the resource bible I use in the B tab.. again used to be able to click and change which Bible/resource I was using, how do I do that now? Hope that makes since. ha ha. I know it seems crazy but it is amazing to see it work.
    1. re 1: you need to create the link in the note not by simply typing a bible ref (like Jn 3:16) but by creating the link as an URL or L4-link from the bible you want to open
    2. Found the answer my self in the Tab it's self... you go to the Bible have open that you want to use then go to the far left on look at the 3 dots stacked, (Mac) click on it and it opens into a menu, a couple of options down you will find, "Send Hyperlinks here" and then a red target will appear on that tab.. then all you biblical hyperlinks you click on will open in that tab... I just added another bible tab in that lower window and designated it as a hyperlink target... fixed... I hope that helps others... Thanks all who took time to read... hope this helps you where you are at in studies and research.
  • After working with the Sermon Builder for many (many!) hours now, I have a few suggestions. (Note: I'm using Logos 9 on MacOS) 1) In the sermon builder I would like to be able to highlight/bold/underline a word while the cursor is in the word. It would be quicker than highlighting. For example, if my cursor is in the word "quicker" above, I would just have to click Cmd + U or Cmd + B to underline/bold the word. 2) It would be nice to have a quick/simple dictionary or thesaurus to use with the Sermon Builder. I do have those resources in Logos, but it would be nice to have them quickly available in the Sermon Builder. Perhaps it would work to be able to highlight a word (in the sermon builder sermon) and have a dictionary/thesaurus option pop up. I often look for English synonyms and definitions when writing sermons. 3) A word search feature in the sermon builder would be nice. That is, if I write a sermon, I would like to be able to quickly find a word or words I've used. 4) A general bug I may have found is that sometimes it is difficult to delete a note from a resource. For example, if I highlight a verse in the NASB, and I want to remove it, clicking the little "no" sign (🚫) sometimes doesn't work. It's hit or miss for me. Anyway, again, I really enjoy Logos 9 and it's been a blessing in my ministry and personal Christian life. Keep up the good work over there! Blessings.
    1. Great thoughts. Be sure to post those suggestions here: https://feedback.faithlife.com
  • Is there a shortcut in the sermon builder to quickly go up and down (or to top/bottom)? I'm using Logos 9 on a MacBookPro. Would love to be able to go up/down more quickly than scrolling. Thanks!
    1. , Cmd + up/down arrow should work but doesn't. I'll file a bug report. cc: In the meantime, a workaround would be Shift + Cmd + up/down arrow and then tap up or down again to remove the selection. Or you can navigation through the left Outline sidebar, which you can open via the sidebar menu icon (☰).
    2. Opt + up/down should also work to jump paragraph by paragraph.
    3. Thank you! I'll use Shift + Cmd + up/down for now. I would use the scroll bar option (drag it up and down with the mouse), but it's pretty small and clicking it is hit or miss! Looking forward to having Cmd + up/down work. Thanks a ton for all the work you guys do at Faithlife/Logos!
  • In Logos 9 in the sermon document. I cant find where the number of words/ time information is posted. I'm a little lost without that feature that was on Logos 8. Also on the app on ipad is there a way to have the sermons in chronical order in the index of sermons. instead of alphabetical order Thanks Randy
    1. >I cant find where the number of words/ time information is posted. , it's in the right Info sidebar. Click on the (i) icon to open it. We're considering moving it into a more permanently visible spot based on user feedback. cc: , >on ipad is there a way to have the sermons in chronical order in the index of sermons. We're in the process of updating the ordering on iOS to match Android, desktop, and web. cc: ,
    2. thanks ,ill check it out
  • Impressive packages offered in L9. Congrats. How about eventually offering an interactive to explore the propositional truths of the Bible?
    1. Thank you FL for free course reedemable with Logos 9. Will there be eventually an interactive that allows one to have access to different subject curricula that also has list of key themes / topics in the subject, its relation to biblical, systematic, historical and other theologies, and even a list of best resources to explore the topics?
      1. Manasseh became king at 22?
        I thought Manasseh became king at 12 according to 2 Kings 21
        1. Can somebody please give me advice? Yesterday when I wanted to open my Logos program, I got a warning from my Avast antivirus program on my laptob that their is a dangerous virus attached to one of the Logos files and asked permission to delete that file. I gave permission to delete the possible virus. Now my Logos program does not want to open. It starts as if it is going to open, but then stops and nothing happens.