• Anyone else have a few major annoyances when using the Sermon Builder? First, formatting carries from one line to the next. I always have to unformat lines because they keep the formatting from the prior line. I spend so much time unformatting texts. Second, lately I have to re-highlight a phrase if I want to change it to a heading/quote/illustration and also highlight it. For example, I select a section of text and highlight it yellow. I then have to re-select the text to make it a blockquote. Third, highlighting a text green, yellow, (etc) takes too many steps. First, you highlight the text. Then you click the dropdown arrow by Aa. Then you pick the highlight. Same goes for font size and text color. Why not have a pop up appear when you highlight a selection? As it is, highlighting a text or changing the color is time consuming if you do it a lot (like I do). Fourth, I really wish there were more styles to the text than illustration, blockquote, and prompt. Anyway, I've been using the sermon builder and mostly enjoy it, but these glitches or lack of features make me want to go back to Pages.... Hopefully Logos fixes them!!
    1. Over the past year or two, I have transitioned from Pages (which I have used for many years), with its multicolored, multi-font options to LOGOS for its benefits. Record keeping, ease of selecting any of the various translations, ease of citation from any book in my Logos library, and more have improved my workflow and organization system. I now utilize the simple capacity to export to WORD, which is sent on to our tech team for projection and creative graphic purposes.) I plan to keep using the Sermon Builder tool and will CELEBRATE any significant improvements.
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      One feature I'd love to see improved and is actually the biggest hindrance in my workflow is the slide creator / editor. I still find myself exporting to PowerPoint and doing all the slide work in there. It takes me away from the Logos platform and introduces at least two steps and an external program that disrupts the process.
    3. hail satan
  • Can the digitization of 日本聖書協会 Japan Bible Society, 聖書協会共同訳聖書 Bible-Society Interconfessional Version Bible (日本国東京都 ᴛōᴋʏōᴛo, JPN: 日本聖書協会 Japan Bible Society, 2018), be accelerated? I've MAJOR concerns for support for the 東宣北米神聖教會 OMS (viz., Oriental Missionary Society) Holiness Church of North America in general, and 胡桃河町日系油童教會 of Walnut Creek (CA, USA) in particular.
  • How do you collaborate within logos (such as a group inductive study or exegesis)?
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      , several Logos documents support sharing and collaboration. Can you describe what the ideal experience might look like for your needs? I'd be happy to try to help you figure out how to accomplish it in Logos. I'd also love to have it inform our roadmap, as we do plan to improve sharing and collaboration in the future. cc: , ,
    2. I will try. As I am utilizing the tools and resources in logos, there are times that I would like to share a partially developed connection or concept to build upon with a small group of people using their ideas. Examples could be: the development of curriculum for church or school, vision and purpose for a ministry organization, or even a book for eventual publication. Additionally, it would be useful to share documents and writings intuitively within the platform. From the notes tool, sermon -builder, or personal documents there could be a button to share with another user or defined group of users in logos for comments, highlights or additions to continue the conversation. Now that there is not a strong link between logos and Faithlife groups, I do not know how to do that kind of interaction without exporting from the platform and reconfiguring for another. It is also possible that I missed something.
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    Spanish Bibles in Proclaim. Not sure how easy of a fix but I use it in our services and the " " are << >> instead. It just makes for a minor distraction and to much for me to manually switch each quote when we are reading an entire chapter each week. Also copying (from Logos to Word docs) the text using "lines" instead text only each verse number needs a space or margin from the first word of the verse... 1( )Jesus said... instead of 1Jesus said...
    1. We know about the Reina Valera. I haven't researched alternate Bible translations into Español, however. Would Unicode supported single guillemots inside of the encoded double guillemots (« »).
    2. Jeffrey That makes sense when there are quotes in quotes. But the versions in Spanish replace ALL quotes with the angulares.
  • Just as Deepl was beautifully integrated into logos as a translation tool, AI (as Copilot or Gemini) should now urgently be integrated for searching and creatively querying your own library.
    1. Are you aware that the Logos Pro early access features - https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/21081346488205-What-s-included-with-early-access-to-Logos-Pro - include a new Smart Search capability utilising AI tools?
  • How do I obtain the Logos Pro release? Thanks!
  • I started using Logos in Bible College in 2005. I couldn't have accomplished my 3.97 GPA without it, that and the Holy Spirit guiding with with God's wisdom and understanding. I started with Logos 3 and I'm now using Logos 10. I've loved the free book of the month club. At this point and time, I have almost 2800 books in my Bible study arsenal with this Bible study app "LOGOS" I was able to do well in college with a TBI after an industrial accident. I've been able to share the Gospel "to the ends of the earth" as God has commanded us to do. I share my faith, lift up family and I'm able to answer questions that the doubter may have. For its upon us to remove all doubt from our brethren's minds. Knowing and understanding God's word. It's also been a blessing to have access to God's word in the original languages. I speak and write in English, studied Spanish, so that I could great and share my faith in Spanish, or at least great Spanish speaking Christians. My desire to better understand the Bible led me to seek out teacher to learn Hebrew, I have also sought out and found the Bible, in Greek, for the Bible before she lost her sight). My desire to better understand the Bible from it's original languages: Hebrew, Greek and Aromaic, has blessed me more than I could have imagined. From this desire to learn Hebrew, I met a kind and wise Jewish woman (a retired teacher). I learned the Hebrew alphabet first, then the pronunciation of each character. Then I learned the sounds for each to form words, like Shalom. I found great helpful websites to learn to write, to speak, and sing in Hebrew. I was invited to Shabbat on Friday nights at a local synagogue. Spending time with my fellow Jews in my town was such a blessing. With Logos I have be able to study the original language Hebrew and get more out of it than I ever imagined. Going back to the beginning of Hebrew (the pictograph language) I learned about its 3-fold meaning. In the beginning (Hebrew Pictograph Alphabet) I could see the meaning behind the Picture (where a character would look like a tent-meaning home) then adding the additional characters to form the word then adding each character's number (which has a meaning also). We lose so much translating to English. Knowing this has inspired me to use Logos to continue to better understand the Bible, God's word. Wisdom comes by reading and hearing the word of God. This inspires my prayer and understanding that I have a Helper, the Holy Spirit. Another blessing that Logos provides is the meaning of the names in the Bible. For instance, when I am reading the book of Numbers; I use the "The EXHAUSTIVE DICTIONARY of BIBLE NAMES" as I read through Numbers, by doing so it tells a story that you wouldn't know was there, unless you were to read and write in Hebrew. This is such a cool and enriching and spiritually blessing that is invisible until you interpret the Biblical names. Like my Middle name "David" which means "my Beloved". After my father. There is so much to learn with Logos, but one of the most important things that Logos provides is Bible study in a fast and meaning way. Turning pages while looking for specific topics, words, times, places, names to help Gentiles and Jews come to faith in Jesus. Always be ready to defend your faith. With Logos I can. It helps me to be a light to those around me. Thank you and God bless you. Eirik Larson PS: This article was inspired by the question, why I chose to use Logos Bible program.
    1. , thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us! I've passed your testimony along to our entire team. It's an honor to be a part of your journey of knowing God and making him know.
  • I love your apps. They're so appropriate to studying scriptures and compare them.
    1. I'm trying to find all of the instances where the Gospels are quoted and/or cited in the Ante-Nicene Fathers. Is there an easy way to do that with a certain Search Query? Thanks for any help anyone can give me!
      1. Each volume has an index of texts at the end of the book. That index shows each verse cited and the page reference. Otherwise, you can define your search to limit it to the ANF series and then search for bible:"Matthew-John"
      2. Thanks
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      When selecting text in sermon editor and formatting as a numbered list I'm not getting a space between the period and the first letter/word of my sentence. Is there a way to fix this?