• Hello, I'm new to Logos and am trying to come up to speed on just the fundamentals for right now. I'm running Logos 9 in Windows and am having occasional problems of the text in a panel being distorted. By that I mean the text will be displayed in extremely large pixels. Running the mouse over the text might temporarily cause it to revert to normal size but as I continue to move the mouse it will enlarge again. The pane is unusable when it does this. Has anyone else experienced this?
    1. This sounds like it could be the same issue other users saw under Win 11 with some weird "Nahimic" service, see https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/4412237977485-Text-Appears-Stretched
    2. Thank you! I tried that and it took care of the problem.
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  • Question regarding the "copy Bible verses" tool.... in the drop down that designates the program that the verse is pasted to - it offers Microsoft Word and instantly pastes to that program BUT if i choose WordPerfect - it does not paste directly to that program. Is there are way to get it to paste instantly to WordPerfect too?
    1. Reply to bret.schmerker. I like your reply about switching to Ubuntu since Win11 cannot be upgraded to the computers you are presently using. However you will need Win 10 or Win 11 to access Logos since Logos is a Windows based format. I am also using Ubuntu with LibreOffice.
    2. I've a concept formulation study to start on both Pastors' workstations, which will need Win 10 or 11, as Faithlife has no plans to port any softwares to either Red Hat or Debian. ubuntu just might do for all necessary smart terminals for Sunday School; the 'puter that'll run Proclaim live is already slated for Win Server 2016.
    3. Because I am a Chaplain in a state prison, I cannot down load Logos to my laptop. I have found the online APP works almost as fast as my Windows 10 computer or my Mac. I use the chrome browser at work and on my IPAD to access the online version of Logos. The one thing I think that helps is I have fast network connections. Hope this helps.
  • I asked this same question a couple of years ago when I upgraded to version 8 but cannot find the original post and cannot remember how to do it. I have a reading plan set up and have added some resources to the layout for that specific reading plan. I am trying to figure out how to set a specific layout as the default for that reading plan module on the home page so that when I click on it everything that I want to open up will. I appreciate your help!
    1. Go to programme settings and click on "At start up open to...." "Open to most recent layout" and if you were on your reading plan when you closed, this will open again as you had it. Alternatively, saved the reading plan and books as a named layout, then it will appear in the "At start up open to..." list, click on that and when you start again it will open to your reading plan, should you go down a 'rabbit trail' from you designed reading plan.
    2. Thanks for your input. I have used that before but was looking for a way to customize the specific layout every time I click on the card. I kept digging and found what I was looking for. It may be helpful for others as well. Here is the setting I found:
  • Once I have done a search in the Bible or other resource is there a way to hyperlink this to a notebook like Morris did in Logos day 2?
    1. I downloaded the Logos Bible Study app, is that the same? The icon was exact.
    2. I know that each note allows you to anchor that note to multiple verses. Hit the “+” and a menu for the Bible will pop up. Once you choose your beginning verse, drag it to cover the passage you’d like your note attached to and then hit done. You can attach the note to as many passages as you’d like.
  • Just restart the program and the search box went back to normal I should know when in doubt restart.
    1. My search box has tripled in size is there a way to make the length smaller? Thanks in advance
      1.  — Edited

        You may have typed or pasted a load of spaces in there. Click in the box, hit Ctrl+A or Cmd+A, then hit delete. Edit - I am referring to the Go Box
      2. Thanks I will keep that short cut in mind. When I restarted all went back to normal.
      3. Yeah this has been a known issue for a while. I think it is low on the priority list though.
    2. Logos, some of the Exegetical Summary resources (for example "An Exegetical Summary of Luke") have been linked with the old BAGD lexicon and I am having trouble using them because I have the newest version (BDAG). Can you please update the links according to the BDAG? Thanks,
      1. Wait there is a new BDAG?
      2. No, BDAG is the 3rd edition while BAGD is 2nd edition. Some older Logos resources are linked with this version. What I mean is, BAGD links do not open BDAG lexicon.
      3. Faithlife knows about the is and there have been many forum posts. At one point in time Faithlife sold the older edition of this and when the newer addition came out they could not sell the older one anymore. You can still find the word manually. They have been updating some of them but it is a long process.
    3. I have a layout and I click on it to drag it to the short cut bad but it will not drop on the short cut bar.
      1. It did drop it was in my drop down it’s all good thanks.
    4. Bonjour, comment puis-je- mettre les commentaires de ce groupe en français ? Est-ce possible ?
      1. Vous pouvez essayer d'utiliser un service de traduction automatique dans un navigateur Internet comme Chrome, par exemple. Mais sinon, les commentaires apparaissent dans la langue dans laquelle ils ont été postés.
    5. I used to see a highlight I made in one Bible show up in the text of my other Bibles, which was handy. Did this change now? Or did I somehow change something? Now I'm only seeing highlights in the particular Bible where I made them.
      1. I'm willing to say it could be user error somehow, lol. Thanks for the help.
      2. Corresponding Notes and Highlights, the feature you're referring to, isn't available on mobile or web yet. It's currently just a desktop feature. Notes taken on references automatically show in all Bibles. But notes and highlights taken on text ranges show only in the resource in which they were taken. Corresponding Notes and Highlights is intended to allow text-range annotations to behave like reference annotations, but it's currently limited to desktop, unfortunately. cc: ,
      3. Well, thank you both. I'm not sure how I got it in my head of what I thought I was seeing on mobile. Maybe I switch between apps too often, lol. But hopefully that feature can be incorporated into mobile and the web app at some point soon.