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  • How do I change the factbook settings? When I'm using my Bible and have my interlinear enabled, and I want to click on a word to find the Hebrew/Greek word, it automatically kicks me over to the factbook window. It's incredibly annoying.
    1. Hi, Scott. I can't think of any links from the interlinear to Factbook. I'm guessing this is actually caused by the "Factbook Tags" in your Bible, usually on people and places. You can turn that off with the Factbook button on your Bible's toolbar.
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    Hello I would like to know if it is possible that the Facebook could only show the entrances related to our current library without bringing up books we don't have. It is kind annoying to see references to books we don't have, or we have to buy. At least please build a toggle option to see if you want to see references to your current library only. Thank you.
    1. Hello. I thougth I would be able to find in Factbook something about "Soleb Inscription", but there isn't. What about the chance to add personal items to Factbook?
      1. When i click on certain words in the NT the factbook overrides the ability for my BDAG lexicon to search the word...how do you remove factbook, I dont want it
        1. , the Factbook visual filter is a split button, where the left half of the button toggles the filter on/off and the right half of the button allows you to customize the button's settings. So you should just need to click on the book icon with the checkmark in it to turn it on or off. Does that not work for you?
        2. Thanks, that Factbook thing is horribly annoying.
        3. I agree, the Factbook is an annoying, useless impediment to study. I just want to look up my words in my lexicons with a simple click like I used to be able to.
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        Why does the quick menu (or the factbook entry) to a PLACE, for example Thessalonica, not contain a link to the ATLAS?
      3. I am scouring "Dome of the Rock" and I see the box "Books from Your Library" does not show a wonderful resource that I have in my Logos on this topic. An option to manually add one's own resources on the appropriate pages on Factbook would be useful
        1. In reference to the factbook information regarding Mt. Hor. The factbook states the following. "Mount Hor is only referenced in Scripture in the account of Aaron’s death." However I read with interest it is also referenced in Numbers 34:7-8 concerning the borders of the promised land. Respectfully submitted as a grateful user of the availability of the factbook.
        2. In the Cultural Ontology entry on God (clicked from Gen 1:9), the key article includes, under the heading "Creator," three words used to describe God's creative acts. The first one is "separated." It shows the Hebrew as גדל, gdl, Gen 1:4. This is an error. The initial gimel should be a bet, as the verb in 1:4 is hivdil (<bdl). Just sayin'....
        3. I am using the dark theme on LOGOS because I can see this better than the white screen theme. When looking for the Factbook underlined hyperlinks in my source text the blue lines are too dark to see easily. Could you lighten up these underlines when using the dark theme? There may be other symbols that need to be lighted up for display in dark mode but I am hesitant to go thru them all and provide you with a long list of them. I am willing but it might not be helpful.
          1. I'm doing Morris P's basic course. In segment 10 he is showing how to use Factbook. The little check box is in the Bible pane so it is easy to look at entries corresponding to the passage you are reading. I don't have the little checkbox. I have to open Factbook from the main pane (home icon, library icon, factbook icon). When I open it, it doesn't tie to the passage I'm reading. I also looked at the "help card" to see if I was missing something in set up, but it also just had the Factbook icon automatically appear on the Bible pane. What am I missing? Is this feature only tied to certain versions?
            1. How I wish that was my case. I can't get ride of mine. I enter my script and it automatically goes to Factbook. I had three different tech try to help me figure out why and couldn't. I got so frustrated thinking it was all do to Logos 9 and asked to back to Logos 8 to find out that it has been installed into that program. Oh how I miss the old Logos. I called tech. support and kindly told them this should be an option, not some thing that prevents you from searching and researching your scriptures.
            2. the checkbox is what's in the first screenshot. If you don't have it, you may have an earlier version of Logos: Customer Support could help you figure that out, 800-875-6467. With the check box enable, you should get a popup with an Information Card when you hover over certain terms, like Canaan in the second screenshot. Clicking that card will take you to the Factbook page for Canaan (not other information about the passage). If you don't have the checkbox, you should still be able to get to Factbook through the right-click (context) menu, as shown in the third screenshot. If you don't like having the popups, then disabling the checkbox (the Factbook Visual Filter) should make them not appear.