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  • When one is analyzing the "Version River," there are three categories underneath the river: Minimum, Maximum, and Average. Can you explain these categories, how they function, and why or how they can assist in this analysis?
    1. Is passage analysis still available? I don't see it under Logos 10.
      1. Look under the tool icon > passage analysis
    2. Is there a way to change the colors of the layout for comparing pericopes? It is hard to read the text in the current configuration; however, the blue background makes it impossible to read the text in that section of the layout.
      1. Oh, I'm sorry. It looks like you were giving feedback on light mode rather than dark mode. Our team was working on the dark mode issues you can see in my screenshot above. Let me see if we can make some adjustments here, too.
      2. Okee-dokee. Thnx
      3. Hey I notices that the ESV is missing from the compare pericopes section of the passage analysis