• I am working on making collections for all of my commentaries based on books of the Bible. Made good progress till I came to John. How can I set that collection to only include the gospel of John, and later have individual collections for 1, 2 & 3 John? I may simply make a collection for those 3 together as nearly all the commentaries cover them together.
    1. Does anyone know how to make all the books in the POSB as 1 book? I made a collection but can't get that to follow the bible I am using.
      1. ok try this, open the multiple resource tab for the bible you are using and search for posb, look just below the search results and click the entire series. now when your reading bible just click the multiple resources tab and it will open to the correct place of study. (most of the time)
      2. This is what I am looking for, is there a way to get the POSB in a different panel or does it have to be in the Bible panel? If it can be moved, please explain how.
      3. do it this way it the bible and POSB are in the same panel. One more interesting thing this seems to be the only way to access the entire POSB set at once. If we could access the entire series in a panel then we could just make a link set that would also do what you describing.
    2. I want to make a collection of ancient texts and include all books with Augustine in the title. I do not know the operators that can be used. I tried using the * as a wildcard to include titles with text before or after Augustine but that does not work Type:ancient OR Titile:*Augustine* Are we only allowed to use boolean operators?
      1. No, and I can't really get what I want using the author because some of the authors are interpreters or they are people who wrote commentaries of the original works. I guess I really want books by or about Agustine. I really would like to be able to use syntax like the UNIX/LINUX command line.
      2. title:augustine OR author:augustine should give you works, collections and biographies of Augustine (I have seen some titles with "Augustin" but the author part caught them).
      3. Author:Augustine OR Subj:"Augustine, Saint" OR Title:Augustine Subject "Augustine, Saint" finds two titles having "Saint Augustin" (by author Philip Schaff) that can also be found => Author:Augustine OR Title:Augustin
    3. I would like to create a collection for a base Package - what would be the rule?
      1. There is a group called Logos Product Collections and Faithlife has already made collections from base packages. Connect with your base package (or all of them) and once you have the collection you can tag them all instantly and then that tag is your rule.
    4. Hello, does anyone know the rule to get all OT and NT surveys. Thank You
      1. Subj:Bible Subj:Introductions
    5. What happened to the collection count? Did it go away with a recent release? The panel used to display the number of resulting books in a collection.
      1. This is a known bug introduced with Logos 9.3 and - as far as I know - already fixed in the first beta for 9.4
      2. Thanks much!
    6. I was expecting this to be a place where people would share useful collections and useful rules. Am I wrong about the plan for this group?
      1. NB. Mick's post below yours tells you where you can find the documents, which will lead you to https://faithlife.com/logos-collections/documents When you join this group the collections from here will appear in Logos under Docs --> Groups, where you can filter for this group alone.
    7. OK is anywhere still here? Is the only Way to get the Collections now in the Logos Software?
      1. Few Years ago I could download the Collections from here but I don't find it anymore...I can do it in Logos Software
      2. FL updated the menu a bit. Yo still have them - go to the group menu on the left side, Community => Bible Study => Logos Documents
      3. thanks Mick Iwas shure I clicked on everything on this Side ...
    8. I have a question I was thinking since I have John MacArthur’s sermon archive it would be great to place each book in its own collection. I already did Daniel by each chapter but seems I can’t drop into a collection. Any help would be appreciated.