• I have wanted this book since I began scripture study with Logos. It is a tremendous resource for all students of the bible. I own the hard copy but will gladly pay for the Logos version. Can't wait!
    1. This is a very good apologetics book because every statement of Catholic teaching that Steve tried to argue against in his Baptist tradition is now explained clearly in light of Church teaching. Steve put so much work into his commentary and footnotes that it will become clear that Logos is really the best platform to read it. Before I purchased Verbum (Logos) it took me a long time to read the paper back because of taking the time to look up all of the scripture verses he referred to. I am looking forward to owning this in Verbum. A fantastic work for any apologetics collection. Definitely worth the price because all of the hyperlinks that will be incorporated into this volume.
      1. Any one interested in joining their prayer, study of Scripture and daily mass readings into one dynamic 5 or 55 minutes should not hesitate to purchase this software package. Learning more about one's faith and putting it into practice cannot be done more easily than with Verbum. I also recommend it for group scripture studies as many questions come up in the class and answers can be found in less than a second. It's just like having a wall full of books and maps and you have access to them all at once with the click of your mouse (the passage guide is so far my favorite feature). Amazing product overall...
        1. Our bible study group used this book over the course of almost two years. Steve Ray's questioning techniques and in depth commentaries make this an excellent resource for study. We highly recommend it and are thrilled that it will be made available in Logos.