• Mark furtato teaches the Hebrew alphabet very simple and easy
    1. right.... not simple or easy.... but, good. Take it from an old law school professor, he knows his stuff and teaches it well.....but its hard as.... (you can finish this any way you want)!
    1. ...because I dont read fiction.
    2. Josh, I'm interested in your evaluation if you've given it somewhere, but comments like these baffle me and are in no way helpful. Have you reviewed this somewhere that I can see what your critique is? Thanks.
    3. Friedrich, Josh entered into a discussion concerning the Unseen Realm in the forums where he read some of the book and quit, and then he conflated Dr. Heiser's fictional works on aliens with this work on the divine council, basically implying that Dr. Heiser believes in aliens and alien origins myths. Dr. Heiser often appears on panels about aliens in order to debunk such myths; however, the Unseen Realms has nothing to do with any of that. Josh has not made a helpful comment concerning Heiser's work to date as far as I know.
  • Good commentaries, good info, however, they are outdated and need completely revising from the ground up i would recommend a detailed exegeses section, text critical with some commentary on important Greek and Hebrew. And a complete section on each paragraph of suggestions on self-application of the principle, and ideas for preaching-teaching, and illustrating the text.