• That's great, many times I've wanted this. Suggestion: I usually want it to get someone a specific book. (Say, Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Miracles: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages $9.59). A $10 or $15 card would fit the bill nicely.
    1. If you want to gift a specific book you can also call in to this number 888-875-9491 and a sales representative can help you gift specific resources to the individual. Just another option.
  • Leithart's works are good, but this is a very strange promotion. There is no complete list of the 6 books offered in this set. I'm looking for From Silence to Song, which looks like it might be the blue book in the picture, but there is no mention of it. Also there is a whopping $3 discount on six books - not very impressive since in a preselected collection of books on such a broad range ("Leithart has somethning to offer everyone") there are usually some you're not that interested in anyway.
    1. If you click on the subheading "Peter J. Leithart Collection (6 vols.)" which is underneath "Resources Included, that section will expand, showing that From Silence to Song is included.
  • Amazing, thank you Logos, Kaiser is such a well grounded scholar that I expect this will be an excellent addition to the somewhat thin Jeremiah studies (at least in my Logos library). I'm looking forward to seeing Tiberius Rata's influence - perhaps he will be producing more things himself? PS The fine print says "EEC owners get Walking the Ancient Paths for free" so if you've wandered here I don't know if your get it for free.