• The problem with these are they are scans not typeset. Less than optimal... Focus publishing offers these same scans - which I am sure is what they provided Logos. I have nearly all these books and they are excellent for learning Latin. I also have the kindle version of Lingua Latina - Familia Roman volume. Personally, I rather have the text typeset for two reasons: readability and for clicking on the individual words to look up meaning or copying snippets. As far as readability goes - I don't like the out-of-focus feel to reading these as it strains the eyes. Having higher resolutions screens their scans should match iPad or Surface resolutions - 3000x2000 (267 PPI). As a comparison, look at the scans that the British Library has done: http://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/Viewer.aspx?ref=cotton_ms_nero_e_i!1_f169v (St. Patrick's Confession). If the resolutions were higher/sharper then I would be more likely to consider buying the series. Notwithstanding these criticisms, it is great that Logos is offering these for their users! This is one of the best series out there in my opinion. The Natural Language approach is great step on the way to becoming fluent. After getting through Familia Romana, read the Latin Vulgate and your fluency will soar!
    1. It would be nice if you could right-click or double-click a word and the definition would be displayed automatically.