• Essential for understanding the Scripture from a free grace prospective. Arminian can lose your salvation. Calvinist never had salvation to begin with. Partner lose reigning and ruling with Christ, not salvation. Monumental book.
    1. Messianic Bible Study Collection has the 2 following studies in Romans: MBS080 THE THEOLOGY OF ISRAEL: A STUDY OF ROMANS 9, 10 AND 11 MBS087 THE BOOK OF ROMANS AND THE JEWS
      1. Wow, have been waiting for this one. Just purchased today. It looks to be updated to the latest Ryrie Study Bible with the nice charts and timelines. I was pleasantly shocked. Awesome. Will be one of my go to resources. Thank you Logos for this product.
        1. After looking at more of the content, it is not up to date as to the 2007 ESV Ryrie Study Bible.  This version has many helpful charts that this is missing.  This is still a great addition, the 1995 Ryrie Study Bible NASB.  I believe it matches my 1995 Ryrie hardcopy. The charts in the 2007 ESV Ryrie are very helpful and hopefully  someday will be available In Logos.
      2. This is a landmark book whether you agree or disagree, it will give you a different viewpoint than Calvinism and Arminianism. I like the viewpoint on the book of Hebrews and that Arminianism has a more honest read on Hebrews than Calvinism, but Hebrews is really talking about loss of reward and reigning with Christ hence the theme and title of the book. I am sad to see Logos canceled making "Final Destiny" which is the updated version of this book. Logos, please reconsider making "Final Destiny" available and put it back in Prepub. Thank you.
        1. Yes...I would agree. I'd love to have Final Destiny available in Logos.
        2. I, too, would like to see Final Destiny available in Logos.
      3. Has Justification "Declared righteous" and the Grace of God and faith nailed. On the free grace side. Have the hard copies and now Logos version. Would be in line with Dallas Seminary early teachers. Could not have a higher recommendation. Where is all the good and accurate preaching on Romans today? You will find it in these Volumes from a generation just before our time. I have not heard a preacher from this generation teach justification accurately. We are blessed to have it preserved here and with other teachers from the past.
        1. Will this work with a Windows Surface RT tablet? That would be awesome if it did.
          1. Is there any plan to have the Ryrie Study Bible or "So Great a Salvation" in Logos? The Ryrie Study Bible is what he is known for and "So Great a Salvation" might be his most popular book. Would love to have both. Thank you.
            1. At an early date the Charles Ryrie Legacy Collection featured 31 volumes. Logos and Moody are renegotiating a contract, in which his entire collection could be reinstated. I am hoping this happens.
            2. Thank for the info. Yes, I hope Logos and Moody can agree to a contract. Hope Logos would do Ryrie's latest Study Bible version also (around 2010 version?, not 1995 version). It has much more charts and timelines throughout the Scripture. Thanks again.
          2. Wanted to eventually get Bib Sac in Logos. Logos use to have either Bib Sac standalone volumes or the Theological Journal volumes 1-5 for purchase. Are these no longer available? Is this the only way to get Bib Sac in Logos? When it says TJL "Upgrade", is this standalone and nothing prior (a TJL base package) has to be purchased? How long would you project before this actually is available? Thank you.
            1. This is an awesome bundle. I feel I just double my resources with great stuff from Dallas Seminary from people like Chafer, Walvoord, Ryrie, and all the Dallas greats. A lifetime of great commentary. Just got H.A Ironside for $139. A preorder for the TJL of $199 was unbelievable also. My head is in the clouds. Grace and peace.
          3. Took all the Greek classes in seminary twice and some electives in the 1990s. Used this Parsing Guide heavily. Unless you have all the Greek endings memorized and can see how the lemma are changed by added the suffixes and prefixes, you will constantly need to double check your work. I never got to that point. This was a super helpful reference for that. I am re-purchasing this in Logos to help in Greek studies. I believe it is only the verbs that are parsed. I am obviously not a Greek scholar, but unless you are, I think you would really like this in your Greek studies. Highly recommended.