• Too Bible critical for my taste. E.g. when Jesus went on a mountain to teach, this was often only an “imaginary” mountain according to this book. There is a whole chapter titled, “Imaginary Mountains in Matthew”. The hymn they sang at the last supper is probably also only imaginary as are many other things in the Bible. Here is a quote from the book: “Reading always involves imagination. Authors count on it, for they creatively manipulate the reader’s imagination in order to direct them to fresh insight.” While the book does offer some interesting cultural background, there are nevertheless quite a few things that I classify as "liberal Bible criticism”, which I disagree with.
    1. It has now been well over a year since I posted my review on this resource. So I chatted with Logos support this morning (June 25, 2018) to see if any of the issues raised by myself and others have been addressed. Unfortunately that is not the case. I tried to update my review but couldn’t find a way to do it, so I deleted my initial one to post this new one. This book is actually an excellent resource and I think it’s a real shame that the Logos version was done so poorly. I also find the 4 star rating very misleading for new customers who think they are buying a digital copy of the printed version, which is NOT what they will get. Basics of Biblical Hebrew from Pratico and Van Pelt is such an excellent book that it has become one of the standard works in the Biblical-Hebrew-world. It really deserves better than what is offered here in the Logos store. Please, Logos would you have another look at this resource and fix the problems of the digital version. _____________ My original review from March 2017: I own the hard copy of this book and I love it because unlike other grammars this one uses color coded text to highlight certain spelling patterns and grammatical usage. Actually the color coding is what makes this grammar so unique. However, when I ordered the Logos version, I found that the color coding was blatantly absent. I already have enough grammars without color coding and the only reason I bought this version in addition to the others I already own is *because* of the color coding. So, needless to say that I was disappointed when I found out that that the color codes were missing. I am giving the Logos version only 2 stars for leaving out the one thing that makes this grammar unique among others. I’d give 5 for the printed version, but this one I returned for a refund.
      1. I own the hard copy of this reference chart and I really like it. However, when I ordered the Logos version, I was disappointed to discover that the one big advantage that makes this chart different from other ones I own is the unique grammatical color coding. Unfortunately the color coding is not present in the Logos version, so I returned it for a refund.