• Why is there no Dynamic Pricing? Since this situation has been reported multiple times, the absence of dynamic pricing must be intentional. Why?
    1. Thomas Nelson doesn't offer dynamic pricing on collections. This is part of the contract they negotiated with Faithlife. There has been at least one occasion where dynamic pricing was activated for a short time.
  • Suggestion: Create and offer a separate, smaller collection of the BibSac Volumes - those published by DTS.
    1. The Chapter 6 Palau mentions is not listed in this description as being in this Logos book! ?? What edition of the print book is this Logos book?
      1. The above description lists only the parts, not the chapters. Chapter six is in Part Two.
    2. As advertised, this is a solid commentary - focused on the meaning of the text. Note: I already have the New Testament portion of this commentary - in Logos format.
      1. These resources are very useful - especially the Systematic Theology and the commentaries on Bible books. Will it be possible to offer a reduced price to those of us who already have Logos editions of the Systematic Theology, commentaries, Sermon Outlines, et al?
        1. Seriously, many of us already have the main works of this set (his systematic theology and his Pauline commentaries). Why pay 90 bucks for a bunch of minor works?
      2. This is a great resource! The Logos edition of The Theocratic Kingdom I currently have as part of my Logos library is LLS:gs_peterstheocratic. (Published by Pleasant Places Press. I purchased it from Galaxie Software a few years ago). Two questions: (1) How will the edition your announcement references, be different from the edition I already have? (2) If there are differences, what accommodation does the current announcement make for us owners of the previous edition? Again, this is an excellent resource . . . much more useful than I thought it would be when I bought it. Thanks for your continued, excellent work providing these great resources!