1. The fifth volume includes topical, scripture, word, and other indexes, with links provided to other articles.
  • This resource is meant to be used with The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible. It is a useful introduction to discourse analysis and clearly defines the authors’ understanding of highlighting devices. Forward-pointing devices, thematic highlighting, word-order analysis, emphasis, frames of references, and reported speech are all devices that are covered in this work. It is not meant to be a scholarly work, but there are some references to outside works, mostly grammars. Some salient negatives of this work are all the spelling and grammar errors. By grammar errors I do not mean Hebrew grammar errors but English. It seems as though this was rushed to market because there are many blatant errors like, “creating an emphasize,” “There something that remains,” and “Anohter.” There are also highlighting devices that are mismatched. One would think that since this is an electronic-only edition mistakes could be quickly identified and corrected, but it does not appear that this is the case. It is only $4.99 and it reads like it. For all the salient negatives, there are tremendous positives to this work. The explanations are clear and concise. It is a helpful read to a student of Biblical Hebrew wanting to deepen their understanding of discourse analysis. One final note: this resource and The Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible: Glossary are very similar. They both have the same Introduction and cover the same highlighting devices. The glossary is a shortened version of this resource and does not include full explanations and examples.