• There is no bigger fan of Logos and Faithlife than I. However, I must admit that this bothers me. I have over $25,000 invested in Logos, and more than 11,000 resources. Yet I have to purchase manuals to learn how to use the software. I get that there are Pro videos, Wiki pages, etc, but Logos best foot forward in terms of training (such as these manuals) should be free to customers who own a basic package, or, at the very least, to those who are Now subscribers. Customers have complained about this very issue for a long time, to no avail.
    1. I'm excited this pre-pub will soon cancel. Here's the first indication that this is NOT a book any serious Bible student would want to read (unless one is researching views that are opposed to serious Christian thought), "Between five and ten million years ago, the first humans evolved from a common ancestor that we share with our closest genetic relatives, the chimpanzee. Humans are genetically very close to the higher primates, sharing 99.4 per cent the genetic code of chimpanzees....." (page 5). If this author can't comprehend that God could have created the earth much, much earlier, and done so with the element of time built in, then why on earth would we want to trust him in any area of biblical study. It's simultaneously comical (chimpanzees???? Really!??), yet sad, since he must actually believe that if he'd risk his reputation to print it. Let the theologian buyer beware.
      1. I was thinking about possibly getting this book. Thank you for the heads up. I'm more than a bit shocked at the evolutionary comments.
    2. I love love love this! Please come out with the newly updated version, the one with morning and evening, with NIV or ESV (???) Bible readings. That would be wonderful, as this is probably the best devotional I have ever read. Also, I generally do not like poetry, but I love these! The poems included in this devotional are powerful and are all tied to the daily reading and devotional so brilliantly!