• Why aren't the 6 volumes in this set listed in the description above? How is one to know what they are buying??
    1. I've owned this book in paper format since the mid 1980's. One of my go to tools for OT word studies!
      1. I own the paper copy of this book and recommend it for use in bible study. Must more content than the smaller Vincent OT Word study book. I was excited to see this come out on Logos Community Price list! I HIGHLY recommend prebuying now as it will cost much more when the book moves to pre pub!
        1. I think Logos had a PrePub on a Jerry Bridges collection that DID NOT include this wonderful book which should have been the "cornerstone" of that collection! Thanks Logos for offering this awesome book! I read this in paperback form a couple of decades ago and love the book!
          1. Rob makes a point about price on "free domain material" not costing Logos anything, but it does cost Logos time and effort to setup all the links that make searching books doable. There are LOADs of free use books online in PDF and HTML text, BUT, being able to search them in Logos makes message preparation so much easier. Jammison Facuet, and Brown is an OLD commentary, but it is a golden oldie! Its free to use online, but I like the ability to search for content while doing all my other research inside of Logos! Long story short, I've been using Logos since around 1992. I used to have a table full of books open while researching for a message. I spent hours doing research. Now I spend MUCH less time on research and have MUCH more time for reflection on the research!
            1. Did you notice that Logos includes study guides for THREE of Jerry Bridges most popular books, BUT NOT the actual books themselves! WHY don't they bundle those three books "The Pursuit of Holiness" plus "The Practice of Godliness" and "Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts"?? Come on, Logos! Please get your bundling act together or I will just buy the books in paper from another company for MUCH less than you charge for the electronic editions. Logos, why don't you just bundle the three books with this offer and increase the price to reflect the extra books but offer some discount for buying a volume of books?
              1. Michael, thanks for the suggestion. I will pass this along to the team working on bundles.
            2. I've used Logos from the its very beginnings back in the early 1990's! I loved the first edition which is a ghost of the present robust system. I've invested more money into all of Logos' upgrades and purchased so many books beyond what comes in the base packages I own that I can't keep track of all I own to know what I have to use! I agree with the common thought tread below about paying for "how to" books about Logos. Can you imagine buying a brand new car and then having to pay extra for the operator's manual and all the other books that go with the car?? My Toyota came with two thick books for using the electronics in the dash and one for the car itself. They also threw in a book for repair history and a few others! I did not have to pay a separate fee for those books. Imagine if Toyota would start charging a separate price for those books, I wonder how customers would feel?
              1. I am an NIV guy, but I do a lot of my research in Logos via the NASB for Greek. I like the NASB translation!
                1. The unabridged 6 volume version is on Community Bid! If you really what this resource, go there and bid on the full 6 volumes. The production price is projected to only be $40 for a great whole bible commentary!
                  1. I'm surprised that there is no dynamic pricing. If you owned part of the original set and kept up with the pre pub offerings you could own the whole set though!