• Please, please, please make the slides available as a separate download. Having to manually export each one as we have to do with the Philippians product is a pain and completely unnecessary. If it's expected that we're going to use these slides to teach, then don't make us do the manual export of each one.
    1. The one problem I have with this product (and confirmed by Logos tech support) is that there is no way to do a single export of all the great slides that are included. That means you've got to manually export each slide if you want to use them for teaching. For the Romans HD commentary, you can get the slides as a separate download, albeit for an extra cost. For the Studies in Faithful Living series, the graphics are bundled to download for free. For this product, you have to do it all yourself, one at a time. That's an unnecessary chore. Being able to download all the graphics at once is not an unreasonable expectation, especially considering that the slides are a selling point that Logos uses in its marketing of this product. So in that respect, I'm disappointed.
      1. Rather than "Gathering Interest", this actually looks to be losing interest. I know that little red status bar was longer in the past than it is today.
        1. I first taught a class based on the Joseph title in this series and really liked it. So I had high hopes for Mary because she tends to get her brief mention at Christmas, but without a deeper look into her life. Where I think this title in this series falls short is that it really doesn't need to be 8-weeks long. We obviously don't get a lot about Mary in the Bible compared to other characters in this series. But I think there was an unnecessary pressure to fit this into the 8-week format. Personally, I think this would have been good at 5 weeks. As it was, I eliminated one week. To to be fair, you could take the content and shape it into any amount of time you want, but it's obviously geared to an 8-week schedule. The only reason I mention it is because I'd like to see this series continue beyond the existing four titles, but not with an obligation to make them all 8 weeks or even be character studies. The slides and supporting material are well done and this format could be applied to teaching any topic. So I hope Logos considers that. I'd also like to see some deeper questions included. My class leans more toward very mature Christians and I found the included discussion questions not deep enough (in many cases) for my class to chew on. Again, as a teacher, you could come up with your own, but I would have given this title an extra star had there been something deeper in this area.
          1. Overall, I like this. The one problem I have is that some of the slides have content that is locked, likely because they're just one large, uneditable graphic. There are times where I'd like to make a minor change to the range of verses a slide might cover, or use only part of the graphics on one slide on another slide. But you can't do that on certain slides which restricts the versatility you have as a teacher. If you only want things as-is, this shouldn't be a problem. For those of us who want to craft a more unique presentation, you're a bit out of luck. It's a shame that the included Graphic Set folder doesn't include the graphic pieces that make up some of the slides so that we could create something a bit more customized.
            1. Which slides are you referring to? I was able to make adjustments needed.
          2. Good series of books, but not being able to read them on portable devices, like an iPad, limits it. Also, some of these books may be a part of your base package. 11 of these are part of mine, but there appears to be no way to get this at a discounted price if some are part of your package. Some, if not all, of these titles can be purchased individually, but it may cost more to buy them that way.
            1. Right mow dynamic price is enabled and is available for mobile device
          3. This is really just a comment on this title's lack of availability on mobile devices. It's fine when you're just wanting to reference parts while doing a quick study or message preparation at your computer. But for reading in full, being tied to the computer is not good. I'm sure there's a reason this isn't available on mobile devices. But it diminishes the title's usefulness, at least in my case.