• Great book that is well-written with Mark's usual sense of humour and graciousness. First part on benefits of KJB shows fascinating insight, while second part demonstrates importance of readable English - though I found this part argued a little too strongly. Perhaps a follow-up to the first part would be benefits of continuing to read KJB for better "access" to literature from around that period (and well up to 1900s) - for example, Mark's insights nudged me to access OED while reading Robert Hawker's commentary! (Thanks Mark - those false friends seem to be everywhere.) The second part perhaps seemed a bit strong for a British-English speaker, but the message is nevertheless an essential one. Pendantic/Nerdy point: please double check the dates for the reign of Queen Elizabeth I! (She didn't reign for her entire life.) Well worth a read.
    1. Thank you for your kind words!