• Would like to read this book, - the naming of "Adoption" is only one modality of which the bible speaks of how we are to becomes sons of God. The other modality is that we are also the Bride to the Bridegroom, and thus are to become part of God's Family by Marriage as we rise up to new life into the Second Adam in Christ. I missed the May discount so I cannot afford this book as others take favor, and 19 USD is simply too much for a little 122 page pamphlet and even in a digital form, which should be far cheaper. which is a general tendency with Logos which has as their primary interest in business, though in want of hiding that intention behind their christian veneer. Despite so, I am glad Logos exist. Blessings.
      1. I would like to see lower prices on these too but the fact is Faithlife is not a ministry, Faithlife if a business.
      2. That is right Rolance I do not mind you have a good business and that logos should prosper from their works, What I do dislike is that a product I have invested 6000 USD on suddenly is to be phased out after only 3-4 years and loosing compatibility. If not only that for this investment we at least could be updated as to the base operative system with no further offers that is put on the tempting sale list - and from there invest in my choice preference updates of my library. I do not have more such money to invest, then I will remain with the e-sword which far more practical for daily usage. More so, by leveling the base operating program between 5 and 6, I would be able to continue my library upgrade as I saw fit.
      3. What do you mean?? You can download the free version 6 engine and retain all the facilities that you previously had. OK you will not get the extras that came with the paid version 6 but you do not lose what you already had when you upgrade with the version 6 engine.
    1. A bit unsure - interested in the textual variant package, but requires logos 6 core engine. Have the Logos 5 portfolio. But this is not an upgrade but replaces the core engine from logos 5 to logos 6 right. Is there anything I should be cautious about doing this transition.
      1. I have a growing doubt upon Logos - a rip off project - the prices you operate with is totally out of line. I can get a printed book for half this price, so I went for a free ebook copy - since the only available. After spending the most expensive issue of Logos program one should think the project had in mind of continuing giving us good prices, apart from enticing offers but usually of little study value in apologetic studies. So you have adapted the salesman tactic, sell the car for a good price and rip them off when they need spare parts. I have stopped looking and the Logos is not up to the expectation when I bought it. Yours in Christ. O Normann S.