• This is a pretty amazing resource and I bought it. As an Evangelical Catholic Lutheran I have moved between Logos and Verbum since Verbum came online (Verbum is Logos for Roman Catholics). When the Lutheran Collection came on board, I shifted back to Logos, though all of the Roman Catholic resources I purchased under Verbum are still in my Library (right? Logos staff?). I pray that the Lutheran resources continue to grow, now that I have found a home here, though I still visit Verbum now and then. Thanks Logos/Verbum, et.al.!
    1. Evangelical Catholic Lutheran... Wow, I didn't even know that was possible!!!
  • An ABSOLUTE CLASSIC with some awesome materials on the Eucharist.
    1. This is the Bible I preached from for my first 8 years in ministry and I still have a love for this translation...it is not a paraphrase, but it is a good translation for a congregation with a lower reading comprehension...which is all of ours!