• TWO PROBLEMS - Money, Time. - After spending $27.99 for this product, you discover that you only bought the skeleton. To get ALL the videos and screenshots on Dr. Monce's web site, you have to pay another $69.00. There's nothing wrong with paying him for this resource. But you need to know on the front end that the entire resource will cost you $96.99. (I see many good ratings on this product. I suspect this additional cost is fairly new) - I've only done the first few lessons so I don't know if this Time problem will go away. The screen shots aren't always about Greek. Many of them include directions about setting up Accordance Bible Study Software for the Greek instructions. One screenshot took up almost the entire time on this subject. A waste of time for someone who has Logos. - As far as a review goes, I'm glad I've already had some Greek. It seems to me that some things weren't well explained. However, he's an enjoyable teacher. I will probably spend the additional money and hope there are no other financial surprises that come up.
    1. I understand the English rules of grammar but does this product require knowledge of Greek? I don't know Greek vocabulary but I know how to use an interlinear. My concern is that the video might have him reading Greek, thinking this is a language of which I have some basic understanding. (No ratings, but I'm sure it would be a 5 star!
      1. Sorry for the delay, but yes, this assumes you've had about a year of grammar. If you have taken the "Learn to Use Greek" course then you should be in decent shape for this one. Everything on the screen includes an interlinear line.