• Question: I recently paid $120 for 9 new volumes of this series on pre-pub. Ie. about $13 each. I see that you are currently offering the entire 49 volumes for $157.49, ie about $3 each. See https://www.logos.com/product/8593/tyndale-commentaries Is there a mistake here somewhere? Or does the 49-volume set not include the 9 updated commentaries? Clarification appreciated, please! Pete
    1. Pete, the resources from the 9 volume upgrade are not included in the 49 volume collection.
  • Where is the "New to you" selector on this collection?
    1. I apologize, that is not available for this collection yet. I have sent you a spreadsheet of what would be new for your account with this collection.
    2. Thanks Don. Info received. You are very efficient! Pete
  • After overcoming considerable personal resistance, I purchased this product on 4 October. It cost $161.15 dynamic price. My dynamic price is now $539.99 for the same product (and all the items are now listed as "Owned" be me.) Unsure about what's going on with Faithlife pricing... Can anyone from FL explain? Did I benefit from a pricing error, or has there been an enormous increase in price?
    1. Peter, if you have purchased this, it should not be showing a dynamic price - it should show you own it. Any FL product you purchased should show what the full cost of the resource is if you bought it new (minus any sales amount ($599.99-$60.00).
  • When Logos has the monopoly in their own products, and may set the price at whatever they choose, the concept of "discount" loses most of its meaning, n'est-ce pas?
    1. Do we have an estimated completion date for this project?