• Please pray.

    Update on Jaxzin. Jaxzin is having issues He won't eat, so he is losing weight. His counts dropped again, so most likely will be heading to the hospital for a blood transfusion and possibly a feeding tube. Please pray for this little guy. Thank you
    1. address for Jaxzin % Heather Allen 6036 Milano Ct Lichfield Park, AZ 85340
  • Please pray.

    Nancy Eggers in St. Anthonys with a kidney stone and infection. She had surgery to have a stent put in with her health and lungs she will have trouble waking up from the anesthesia. Please pray for strength and comfort and for a full recovery.
    1. Please pray that Nancy blood pressure stabilizes.
    2. Thanks for the update, and concern for the man, the Lord put there for his spiritual need! 😥🙏💜
    3. Keeping Nancy in prayer May God hold you all close in His arms
  • Please pray.

    Please for the Allan Jacox family as his mother Elaine Jacox passed away this morning, prayers of comfort for all
    1. Please pray.

      For Bonnie and her dad. She writes, We are at Rochelle my dad has had a hernia for years but refuses care. Now the ambulance came and we will wait the results of radiology. They said he must go elsewhere for surgery probably rockford so I pray that they send him tonight or at least tomorrow because if they send him home, he'll never go until its an emergency situation like today.
      1. Prayers for quick healing, thanking God for the successful surgery, may God comfort you all with his peace.
      2. Praying for good healing and praising God that repairs could be done. May God be with you all.
      3. Praising the Lord this was done successfully, and that Bonnie was able to be at his side to encourage and advise! God bless! 🙏
    2. Please pray.

      Heather Armitage's mom Deb fell down the stairs and hit her head causing a brain bleed and a fractured neck. She is currently having emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain. Pray for healing for her, wisdom for doctors, and peace for the family.
      1. Praying for Deb (Heather's mom) for complete healing, prayers of strength for the family.
      2. I will definitely be praying for Heathers mom, and all procedures needed to clear the bleeding in the brain and any other places! 🙏💜
      3. Praise God Heather's mom is stable please pray for continued healing.
    3. Please pray.

      Thank you for all the prayers and support, had my Pet scan today and was blessed to know the cancer is not anywhere else in my body, was also blessed when I met my radiation nurse and found she was a friend from my WOW (women of the Word) Bible study from years back, this was a God moment for me we return to Rush/Copley tomorrow to have my radiation mask made and will meet with the Chemo/Oncologist on the 6th. We are on the way to 7 weeks of radiation 5 days a week with one day a week of Chemo, praying we get this started in the next two weeks, God willing. Thank you all again, your prayers are needed for sure.
      1. Praise God for a Great Pet scan results our prayers will be with you daily on this new hurdle in life stay strong in him
      2. Your treatment plan/schedule is very similar to what my youngest son Scott just finished! He will have testing 3-4 weeks from now to learn if the cancer is gone!
      3. Praising the Lord for His blessings and praying for you as you receive your treatments
    4. Please pray.

      Please pray for Aaron‘s cousin, Lauren. We just found out that she has really aggressive breast cancer and is only 35 with two young children. It sounds like it is in her lymph nodes, and she and her husband are in denial. Not wanting to make appointments to figure out Much about it. And if there are any types of treatment.
      1. Lord Jesus, we bring this very difficult situation before You. You know. You care. Thank You that You are working through this brokenness. Please help Lauren and her husband to know how to process this. Use this to draw them closer to You. We ask that You miraculously bring healing, if that is Your will. Or if there are other treatment options, we ask that You would make that clear to them. Please strengthen and encourage.
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      Please pray.

      For Denise Flag she is in the ER with severe back pain.
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        Is this the Denise that lived here and was coming to church and Small Group at Malnics? Then moved last month! Just so I understand whom I’m praying for, thanks! Thanks for making this clear to me, I now understand this is the couple whom the man had surgery a few months back.,
      2. No, that was Janice. Denise and Chip live in town and attend services online.
      3. Praying that the pain subsides and the cause is found.
    6. Please pray.

      Praise God I have an appointment at Rush in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, praying God's plan.
      1. Thankful you got an early response to see doctors, and or treatment! 🙏🙏🛐
    7. Please pray.

      Update on Greg…He stopped all treatment last night. Going on hospice cancer everywhere in bone and now in liver and bile tract
      1. Asking for Gods peace
      2. Praying for peace an comfort for he and his wife.