• I am using LOEB Classic online (https://www.loebclassics.com/), I cannot imagine the power one would have having these collection integrated with Logos. I would have acquire these collection if I had the finance in place, but as a student, I cannot. I can only admire it from afar.
    1. My rating would have been higher if "The Message" were understood or categorized as Eugene H. Peterson's commentary of the Bible. It is, in my judgment, more of a commentary than interpretation of the OT and NT. Would I recommend it to lay bible readers? Yes. But with the knowledge that what is read is more of Peterson's interpretation that in some cases misleading, misinterpretation, or unclear from the original message. Peterson stated in page 8 “The Message is a reading Bible. It is not intended to replace the excellent study Bibles that are available." and “at some point along the way, soon or late, it will be important to get a standard study Bible to facilitate further study."(MSG p.8) I would suggest getting a standard study Bible sooner than later when reading The Message. In that way the reader will used the MSG more as a commentary than a translation.
      1. Walton's works are a breathe of new air in understanding Genesis 1-2. I have read almost all his major books on Genesis 1. Watch all of his free online lectures on the subject. The more I read ANE literature the more I agree with Walton. Whether you agree or disagree with Walton's revolutionary understanding of Genesis 1-2, his works are must read for any one who is interested in going beyond YE-OE creationism. I cannot wait to a day I can afford this classes.
        1. Walton's views are not "revolutionary", nor are they original. Rather, they are representative of 19C "Higher Criticism" and the so-called "Documentary Hypothesis" which emerged from and contributed to the acceptance of evolutionary philosophy by evangelicals in the late 19c and 20c and which are virtually exploding into evangelical theology/higher education in this century. These are theories that are groundless, and have been competently asked and answered, and these results freely available in the public domain, for decades.
        2. ... a better education, available, in the memorable words of Matt Damon, for "$2.50 in library fines". Don't wait 'til you can afford Walton's course.
      2. This is a wonderfully argued book. It presents a case for the deity of Christ using the acronym H.A.N.D.S, namely (i) Jesus received the Honor due to God alone, (ii) Jesus shared the Attributes of God, (iii) Jesus possess the Names of God, (iv) Jesus performed Deeds of God and (v) Jesus sits on the Seat of God. Putting Jesus in His Place is accumulative case gives warrant for Christians to hold on to their over 2000 years conviction that Jesus is God. I would recommend this book to those who desire to know about the nature of Jesus beyond John 1:1, 20:28, Philippians 2:6, Hebrews 1:8 and Isaiah 9:6.
        1. God, Freedom, and Evil by Plantinga was one of the books that helped me move from Taoism to Christianity. God used Plantinga's work to restore my trust in a sovereign God in a fallen world of pain and suffering. This book alone is worthy of the price.