• Looking at samples on Amazon it appears that the content of these studies are 10% commentary and 90% thought/discussion questions. Can anyone confirm this?
    1. Our adult Sunday School class will begin a Revelation study on the first week in November. What are the chances that this M.E. course will be released by then?
      1. It’s scheduled to be released on 8/27/2018
    2. I don't pretend to be smart enough to understand the costing model for these Mobile Ed courses but it would seem that selling 1,000 of these downloadable, non-consumable courses for $100 would gross the same amount as selling 250 of them for $400. Doesn't seem out of line thinking that Logos could sell 4 times as many as they do now if the cost was 25% of what it is now. Heck...It's not like they have to invest in building a separate unit for each buyer. (I recognize this is a gross oversimplification, but would like to know where my thinking is off base.)
      1. Greetings, Ralph. For what it's worth, I, too, wish that these were set at a much lower price point in the hope of increasing sales sufficiently to make up the difference. I am glad to see Faithlife releasing more limited versions of these (audios only, videos only) at much more accessible prices. If my own 15-hour course on Hebrews were prices at $100 instead of >$300, I'd have all my students buy it and use the class time in other ways!