• Here is the last minute items that are needed for Tall Corn that nobody signed up for. If you can help out please have these to the church no later than 4pm on Thursday. The more donations the less the church has to purchase. Thank you all for all you do! You are awesome and The Lord Provides! 10 containers chicken broth Large Tomatoes (As many as you can donate :) Roma Tomatoes ( As many as you can donate :) Red Onions ( As many as you can donate :) Jalapeños ( As many as you can donate :) 2 large containers Oregano 8 large bags frozen corn off the cob Most of these items will be used to make corn salsa Drink Donations are also still welcome. Please see the post further down the page for all the drinks that are still needed. All money raised will go directly towards the new community building fund!
    1. We have decided to sell water bottles,teas and sodas along with our burritos and rice bowls for the Tall Corn Festival. These are not listed on the sign up sheet at the church. We will be setting up on August 12th and 13th. If you can help out by donating any of these items please let us know. These are available at Sam's in bulk quantities and we will be selling them for $2 each. Money raised will go toward our new building fund!
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        It looks like coke,diet coke and water bottles. We don't have any sprite yet and we have a little bit of tea.
      2. I’ll grab some sprite and tea
      3. We just stopped by Sam's and had no luck finding any Sprite. Let me know if you were able to find some!
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      Sunday, July 31st
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      Sunday, June 26th
    4. We have a few last minute food donations that are needed for VBS. We are needing more of the Frito Lay Variety Chip boxes and bottled water for Saturday at the park. We are also needing pineapple or tropical fruit cups for tomorrows meal.Thank you all for your abundance of donations!
      1. I now have a new email for the church. If you have any hospitality needs or requests or questions about events please email me at hospitality@rccinhisgrip.com